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Fox Theatre reacts to legislation to build casino in Atlanta

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Is the Fox Theatre concerned about preserving the arts or stifling competition?

The President of the Fox Theatre, Allan Vella, sent out an email urging Fox Theatre patrons not to support the proposed legislation which would allow the building of a destination resort which would include casino games as part of the entertainment venue.

“The corporate practices behind these casinos would likely cripple culture treasures like the Fox Theatre, particularly when it comes to the entertainment we bring to our patrons.” Allan Vella, CEO, The Fox Theatre

This isn’t the 1970s. Sure, back then people like my husband (just a kid at the time) made signs to protest the destruction of the Fox. But that’s when people were actually able to afford tickets to the Fox Theatre. Or could even score seats. Back then the Fox Theatre wasn’t in bed with Coco-Cola, Delta, GA Natural Gas and whatever other big company buys up the first twenty rows of seating. So, the family that just wants to take their kids to see The Lion King can’t even get close seats even if they’ve saved up all year to pay Fox’s sky high prices.


And with all the money the Fox Theatre does make, it couldn’t find it in its heart deep pockets to pay the funeral expenses for their beloved organist? Instead his body sat unclaimed at the morgue for weeks? For shame! His friends had to start a GoFundMe account to get funeral expenses covered.

If you haven’t noticed, Atlanta’s population has exploded in the last handful of years. While not everyone is an arts lover, many appreciate the theatre and there just aren’t enough seats and shows running long enough at the Fox Theatre for everyone to see them. It’s worked out well for you, Fox. You’ve enjoyed sold out shows and $400 ticket prices without competition. But is that fair to consumers?

Plus, a casino might benefit the city. MGM is the group that wants to build a casino in Atlanta. They plan to build downtown and would bring about 3,500 jobs to Atlanta. In addition, the casinos would have to pay twenty percent of the revenue to help fund the HOPE scholarship. As a HOPE recipient myself, this makes me happy.

So, maybe Atlanta needs another entertainment venue. One that will give the Fox Theatre some competition. Perhaps we could even have some resident shows, so, I dunno, people could actually see the show they want. That’s what I was thinking when I saw Book of Mormon in Fox Cities, Wisconsin, but never in Atlanta.

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