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Friday fashion find: suede ankle boots under $50

Best Ankle Boots

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Boots: An important part of any woman’s wardrobe

Ankle boots are one of my favorite kinds of shoes. They are so versatile and work well with both pants and dresses. Plus you can make them dressy or they easily work as a casual item as well. When I first began shopping for my first pair of ankle boots, I began looking at the Lucky Brand boots. But I wanted something less than $100. So, I was happy to find the Very Volatile Whitby boots.

suede ankle boots

Khaki Ankle Boots from Whitby

I chose the khaki color for these ankle boots, thinking that they would go with most of my outfits but I’m seriously thinking of ordering the black or navy boots too. Here are some of the things I really liked about the Very Volatile Whitby boots:

  • The ankle boots are authentic leather vs. man made
  • 5 color choices for these boots
  • Heel height is 3 1/4 (which is fantastic for a shorty like me)
  • They are easy to walk in and moderately comfortable, though I wouldn’t want to go walking a long distance in them.

There are a couple negatives to the ankle boots though:

  • The style makes it look a bit dirty on the toe. A first glance, I thought I might have gotten a used pair accidentally but these are just how they come. I’m not a fan of this look, but after wearing them often, I don’t notice the “flaw” in these boots much.
  • The zipper gets stuck often. After playing with it a bit, it becomes unstuck but a bit of a pain sometimes.

If you are looking for an almost after season deal on boots, now is the time to snatch up these boots. When I first came across them, they were originally around $84, so the price is very reasonable for the quality. If you’d like to purchase them, click below.

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