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Friday fashion find: Tom Ford sunglasses

tom ford sunglasses rose gold

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Criss cross Tom Ford Sunglasses are my current crush!

I’ve never been one to spend a ton of money on sunglasses. I find a cheap pair I like and wear them until I drop them / they fall off my head and get scratched or ruined. I’m also not the best at keeping up with my sunnies. I’ve lost more pairs than I can remember. But I recently fell in love with these Tom Ford sunglasses when I saw them. I actually never tried them on before buying them, instead just purchased them and hoped they’d look as fantastic on me as they did on the models.

tom ford sunglasses miranda review

The sunglasses are terrific! They just exude class, and quality. Tom Ford sunglasses are made in Italy and have superb craftsmanship.  Plus I’ve gotten so may compliments on these sunglasses whenever I wear them. The Tom Ford sunglasses feel sturdy when you pick them up which is why I guess they stay put when I put them over my head and don’t ever slip off. I can bend and move in any direction and these sunglasses stay firmly in place but don’t feel like they are weighing me down.

Even if you are just running errands, they provide a sleek look but I can’t wait to wear them to pool parties, the beach and EVERYWHERE this spring and summer. I ended up ordering what they call the “Rose Gold” color but upon receiving them I think they looked more like regular gold, so the description of these Tom Ford sunglasses is not as accurate as you might expect.

Tip: Make sure you are getting an authentic pair of Tom Ford sunglasses as these are prone to fakes. They should be delivered in a Tom Ford Box and velvet case. The name should be etched in the top corner of the sunglasses and should be evenly spaced. They should also have the item number on the temple of the sunglasses beginning with the letters “TF”

If you are interested in getting a pair of the Tom Ford sunglasses, check out the link below. The ones I am wearing in the picture are the first ones on the left.

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