Futura Novel

Looking for a future based novel that isn’t bleak and depressing? Check out Futura.

The book is set in Paris in the year 2050. As climate control and pollution has become a major issue, the city has built a state of the art filtrations system to sustain itself. It has morphed into a  metropolis where every new building was practically a city within a city. Outside of Paris, humans cannot escape the fact that the Invisibles have taken over. The invisibles are in two forms: microscopic chips that are embedded practically everywhere, while others are more visible because they power robots. Humans were suddenly underutilized, yet there’s still an appreciations for them, being able to relate and have empathy in a way that robots can’t. Still, humans are given classifications like Basics, Holdouts and Roamers.

Futura follows an American woman named Ruby as she figures out how she fits in Paris’s dramatically different cultural landscape. Her work is in the fashion industry which she loves.  The fashion part parallels the Nouveau Nouveau movement which has taken over Paris. With its success, the city rejoiced in the boom in technology while getting back in touch with nature. Ruby has friends in all different walks of life, city living foodies, and those that live in rural France (Holdouts), doing things the old fashion way, like growing and cooking their own food.

The book definitely has a very liberal stance. Besides the fact that Paris seems to be the center of the world in both a thriving happy society and the best security against cyber attacks. Really? At present, different pockets of the city are deteriorating drastically as it is being taken over by refugees.  In Futura, taxes are incredibly high because every citizen gets what is called UBI (enough money to meed basic needs like food, shelter and clothing), so they are free to pursue their interests and passions. People are only taxed on “perceived evils” which is much to the discretion of the government.

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While Futura pushes back on alarmist views of technology and artificial intelligence, I do like the different stance they’ve taken with the future – the antithesis of a dystopian society. I mean, I may have binge watched the Handmaid’s Tale and other futuristic shows, but it always left me with a feeling of doom an gloom. With Futura, and mostly through the eyes of the main character, Ruby, the future seems pretty promising for the human race.

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