How to get your pet vacation ready in just 10 minutes a day


We as people get ready for vacations by endless trips to the drug store for sunscreen, fake tan, and medication – and maybe even a trip to the salon to get ready for the beach.

Before you head away, it’s a good idea to get your pets ready for vacation, too. Even if you have opted to take your pets on the journey with you, the act of leaving your family home can be incredibly distressing for your animals.

You may also want to get them as clean and groomed as possible for either your rental home or for the place they’ll stay in your absence.

A makeover for your furry friend?  

Looking after an animal that is well-presented and clean doesn’t just benefit your surroundings, but also anyone who you choose to leave your pet with while you’re away. Keeping them clean is courteous to both the rental vacation home and the hosts you leave them with. You don’t have to send them away to get an expensive grooming session, however. Using pet shampoo and conditioner will keep them smelling and looking great at a much more affordable price. Brands such as Lucy Pet will have a variety of scents to choose from, providing you with plenty of options to choose from.

Leave your fur baby with something familiar

Whether you’re leaving your dog at the kennels or taking them with you to a beach house, the experiencing of leaving their familiar home can be incredibly distressing for some animals. Therefore, leaving them with something that smells like home will add an element of familiarity to their journey. Here are a few ways to introduce a bit of familiarity:

  • Bring their bed at home with you: this will provide a bit of stability for them, particularly at night.
  • A toy from home: if they have a favorite toy, this could be a happy reminder of home and a familiar smell.
  • Daily routine: keeping their routine from home (feeding, walks, sleeping) will keep them on a schedule that feels familiar, even if their environment doesn’t.

Give you dog attention even while traveling

Just as you would with a friend who was nervous or unsure, constant reassurance is needed for your pet. Don’t deprive them of affection and attention when they’re traveling – admonishing them won’t stop them from displaying behaviors of discomfort or unease.

Ask your vet for advice on whether you should take your pet on vacation

If you have a dog with a bold personality or a high need for regular exercise, then talking to your vet before you leave could be a sensible decision. For example, a vet can help you decide whether it’s best to leave an energetic dog with friends or a professional dog boarding service. Rather than spend the weeks in advance worrying about your pet’s personal health, get the professional reassurance that you need.

Taking a pet on vacation, or leaving them with a sitter or some description should ideally involve a bit of preparation. You want them to be hygienic and clean before you leave for your vacation, but most importantly, you want them to be happy and comfortable.


So you’ve decided to take your dog on your vacation? Maybe you can’t bear to be away from them. Here’s a way to get them trained and well behaved in just 10 mintues.

Many dog owners shy away from dog training classes and programs because they believe that it will require a large time investment. While it is true that training a dog takes time, it is not true that dog training is a time-consuming endeavor. In fact, a well-trained dog can be achieved with as little as ten minutes a day. Starting with a puppy training class is important, but each day’s training practice should be limited to only a few minutes.

Puppy Training Classes Provide Guidance (get them vacation ready)

Puppy training classes are an excellent resource for new dog owners. Not only do they provide basic information on puppy care, but they instruct the owners in the requirements for basic dog training. While the classes themselves do require a time commitment and will require the dog owners to work with their dogs each day, the actual time spent training the dog is usually limited to 10-15 minutes at a time.

Effective Dog Training Happens in Ten Minutes a Day (teach them a couple things a day to get ready for the trip)

When working on training a dog, it is vital that the owner not spent more than 10-15 minutes at one training session. This short training session provides the dog opportunity to become introduced to the commands, receive positive reinforcement for proper behavior, and connect with the owner. Limiting time spent training the dog will help prevent the dog from becoming confused, stressed, and bored. A calm, focused dog will learn commands much more quickly.

Making the Most of Each Dog Training Session (make sure to teach them how to be ready for vacation with positive reinforcement)

Dog owners need to keep several basic training tips in mind when working with their dogs. Most importantly, owners need to remain calm, positive, and encouraging. Reward the dog immediately after a positive response and refrain from harsh correction when the dog does not obey a new command. With plenty of treats and praise, a dog should respond positively to a short training session and show increased improvement each day.

New dog owners should sign up for a puppy training class to receive guidance on dog training, especially if this is the owner’s first dog or is a new dog breed for the owner. Limiting the time spent training each day to only 10-15 minutes will allow a dog to respond more quickly to the training. Although a well-trained dog does take time, the daily time commitment is minimal.

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