Gifts for kids

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Gifts for Kids

Every child is different, and so is what gets them excited. They all have varying interests, and this can be used as an indicator of what type of gift they’d like. Buying gifts isn’t always as easy as you may assume as kids tend to be quite particular about what they like and want. It’s also sometimes influenced by what they see on television as well as what they see their friends at school with. On that note, here are a couple of gifts for kids that you could choose from.


There are certain gifts that are suitable for toddlers considering their age. Below, you’re going to see a couple of items that would be great to buy them.

Books: Toddlers are at the age where they’re soaking up the world around them as well as learning how to communicate. For this reason, getting them books as gifts could be a good idea. Look for interactive ones that keep them interested and engaged. Good examples of such are “Press Here” by Herve Tullet, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks?: A Pre-School Story, and Hello Hello.

Fire Truck: Whether you’re gifting it to a boy or girl, toy trucks can be so much fun. This is especially true when they have a compartment to put items so that they can use their imagination. WolVOl has a transport car carrier truck toy that they may like. The Bruder Mack granite dump truck could be a great choice too.

Ages 3-5

For kids between the ages of 4-11, you may have to put a little bit more thought into what you get them. This is because they tend to be much more aware and can communicate what they want too. Here are some gift ideas you could try.

Play-Doh: If you want to bring out a child’s inner creative, why not buy them some play-doh? This is a gift for kids that’s soft, squishy and somewhat exciting, so it’s no wonder it been around for over fifty years.

Arts and Crafts Materials: Another creative gift idea to keep kids between the ages of 3-5 engaged is something arts and crafts related. You could get them My Giant Busy Box which consists of buttons, dough, crayons, bags, frames, boards, sticks, and so much more.

Ages 5-12

For the older kids, it may be best to get toys that they can use regularly, and that will also fuel their hobbies and interests.

Record Player: Not all kids like music, but if yours does, a Vintage vinyl record player is a great gift to get. Try teaching them about vintage items by getting them a classic as well as timeless record player. You could also get one that has wireless Bluetooth technology so that they can use it at home or when they go to parties.

Games: Getting older kids fun games to play whether they be board games or computer ones is a good idea. For instance, consider getting What’s That Smell? The Party Game That Stinks so they can play with their friends. Also, Disney’s Villainous board game could be something they have fun playing too.

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