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Google chromecast audio: inexpensive alternative to surround sound

Chromecast audio enables you to play music on your speakers, wirelessly from your phone, laptop or tablet.

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Maybe you have lots of parties at your house. Or maybe you are like me and work from home. Or maybe you’re just a music lover in general. Any of these reasons would make you want to have your home wired to play / stream music in multiple rooms, right?

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Small kit for wifi enabled speakers is $70 per pair

If you are technical, then getting speakers setup in various rooms of your room and all playing through one system the old fashioned way, (ie pre-Chromecast audio) is extremely time consuming. If you are not technical (raises hand), then the alternative is to hire someone to do all the work (expensive).

But Chromecast audio solves either problem with a simple mechanism that plugs into existing speakers. This makes them work over Wi-Fi. It is a bit similar to how sticking a Roku device on your television turns it into a smart tv. All you need to do then is download the Chromecast app to your phone and you are ready to enjoy crystal clear music.


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Chromecast Audio comes with a small USB power adapter and a very short (3.5mm) input cable. You may need to buy a longer input cable. If you have old speakers, they may not work with this cable, you’ll have to buy adapter cables.

Once the dongles are set on each speaker, tap the “devices” tab in Google Chromecast. Then tap the icon next to the Chromecast Audio dongle name and pick “create group.” Every one of your Chromecast Audio dongle names should appear in a list, and that’s when you choose some or all and those selected a group nickname.

Then, using the Chromecast Audio app tap the “cast” icon to pick either a single dongle or group of dongles, select a music or podcast stream, then hit “play.” That’s all there is to it. You are ready to stream music in multiple rooms!

What I like about the Google Chromecast Audio:

  • I don’t have to keep earbuds plugged in to my phone while listening to a podcast, etc. which drains the phone
  • I don’t have to turn the volume way up in my living room so I can hear music while I prepare dinner in the kitchen.
  • I can stream the music from any one of a number of apps like Pandora, Spotify or YouTube.

Pricing for the Chromecast Audio dongles are relatively affordable. A pair is $70.

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