Grub burger bar healthy

Grub Burger Bar introduces healthier options

For a restaurant that makes their own buns in house, grinds their own meat for burgers, and makes their own sauces in like ketchup and guacamole in house, the world “Grub” is an understatement for the Texas based restaurant.

Since Grub Burger Bar makes new buns each day, they donate the sale of day old buns to a charity each month! How nice!

grub burger bar review

L: Turkey Pesto Burger at Grub Burger Bar, R: Onion Rings

But you know I love burgers, right? My favorite (of the four we sampled) was the Guacapolte, a mixture of house made guacamole and chipotle mayo). It wasn’t a pretty sight but it sure did taste good! A turkey pesto burger topped with bacon (above left)  was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be as well. Hubs and I fought over who got the leftover burger.

DYK? Grub Burger Bar’s onion rings are huge and made with Shiner Bock beer which is based in Texas, where the company originates. I loved their skinny fries too! Can’t decide between sweet potato or regular? Do a split of half and half.

But this is nutrition month, so here’s the new and healthier menu items Grub Burger Bar has introduced.

Grub burger bar healthy menu

Moscow Mule and Ahi Tuna

  • Ahi Tuna: a spice rubbed Ahi tuna steak, topped with peanut sauce, mango and sweet vinaigrette, served medium rare.
  • Thai Noodle Salad: made with rice noodles, mango, tomato, avocado, cilantro, peanuts, lettuce and a sweet chile vinaigrette served with a choice of Ahi Tuna or grilled chicken (pictured below).
Asian Noodle Bowl

Thai Noodle “Bowl” with chicken

  • Greek Chicken Sandwich: made with grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, lemon caper vinaigrette, arugula, tomato and fresh tzatziki.

Though I thought the Ahi Tuna was so-so (it didn’t taste as fresh as I was expecting), I loved the Thai Noodle Bowl. Not only were the ingredients fresh and hearty, the chicken was fabulous. I’d return the Grub Burger Bar just to have this dish and that’s saying a lot considering how much I love burgers. There’s a 24 hour brine that the chicken has and it was so tasty, I really had to stop myself from devouring all of it. I did find it ironic that it is called a “bowl” but served on a dish. 😉

You’re crazy if you don’t save room for a milkshake like salted caramel.

grub burger bar milkshakes

The Kitchen Sink milkshake at Grub Burger Bar comes with pretzels, potato chips and more!

Grub Burger Bar

Disclosure: My meal was complimentary but the opinions expressed are my own.

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