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Harry and Sons, Virginia Highland, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

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Much to my chagrin, Harry and Sons does not take reservations. Arriving at close to nine, we thought we’d have missed the dinner rush, but seems like we arrived smack dab in the middle of it. Harry and Sons seems to be a date spot as there were lots of couples and double-daters that I noticed. I guess people want to make a night of it, hitting up the bars after filling their bellies with Thai and Sushi.

The hostess at Harry and Sons doesn’t make her way up front often, so I flagged her down to put our name on the wait list. If you go on a weekend night, be prepared to wait a while. We waited over 30 minutes for a table. In addition to the front dining room that shares space with the bar, there’s a room in the back with a fair amount of seating that gives way to a covered patio of which all were full when I visited. If you go, hold out for front dining room or patio seating. The back room shares a wall with the drink refill station and is not too pretty.

We ordered a couple appetizers, the Thai sausage salad and the Surin baskets (Harry and Sons and Surin just down the street have the same owners). The Surin baskets were tasty little bites about the double the size of mini quiche. I liked the ingredients and the peanut cucumber sauce, but I think it would be better sans the corn pieces.

The Thai sausage salad was a fantastic appetizer. It was great for sharing and for $6.50, you get a ton of sausage. Mind you, it isn’t a traditional sausage in a link, but pieces of sausage that almost look like bacon that have been cut into pieces. This is one great appetizer you don’t want to skip over.

Although the sushi looked amazing, I was planning to have it the next night, (Social Vinings – I told you I was on the hook for Scoutmob). So, we both opted for more Thai food. Me: Rack of lamb with shrimp fried rice. Glen: Duck in red curry. While my lamb was good, the duck was the clear winner of the two dishes. While my lamb was perfectly cooked and tasty, I found the shrimp fried rice to be very salty. The duck had a great flavor and the red curry was hot but not overpowering. I could have licked the plate clean, just to mop up that yummy sauce.

Overall, I thought the food was good, despite the fact that I was up later that night gulping down water to fight the after effects of the salty dinner. I think Harry and Sons is great for the neighborhood and I saw lots of customers getting take out orders. I just don’t think it is a destination restaurant. You know? If you happen to be in the area and are hitting up the bars perhaps, otherwise there are plenty of Thai restaurants that are just as good in close proximity to me.

Extras: 22 oz bottles of Chang (Thai) beer for only $5. Our pre-tip total? $37 Not bad for 2 apps, 2 entrees and a large beer.

820 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
404 873 2009

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