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Healthcare happens to be a leading industry all over the world. Without it, the world would likely have twice as many sick people and an even higher mortality rate. However, thanks to the work of medical professionals and technology, healthcare continues to improve the lives of people on a daily basis. With that being said, every role in healthcare helps contribute to the bigger picture. There are a few in particular that make a huge difference and are paid well as a result. In case you’re curious about what healthcare jobs out there are making a noticeable difference, you’ll find a couple in this article.

Big Data Scientist

Data is extremely important in every industry, especially because of how it can help inform important decisions. Imagine what it then does in the healthcare industry where you’re collecting data on the human body, medical solutions, and general health. A big data scientist extracts meaning from as well as interprets such data. They use both tools and methods from statistics as well as machine learning to do this. They also use their free time to clean data to increase usefulness.


Millions of people go under the knife every year for surgical procedures. While some are for minor health conditions, many others are life-threatening. Thanks to surgeons, lives are saved every single day, and people can continue living. The duties and responsibilities of a surgeon are to operate on patients in accordance with their medical needs as well as manage any crisis that arise. As of May 2016, the average salary of surgeons was said to be $252,910, but salaries of course vary. 


There are said to be approximately 29 million nurses, and midwives around the world, and 3.9 million are apparently in the United States. This quantity shows what a high demand there is for the role they play in the healthcare sector. There is an abundance of labor and delivery nurse jobs out there if you like the idea of helping pregnant women in the birthing process. As a nurse, you’d be helping bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors as well as administer medicine in many cases too.


For anyone that has never heard of a geneticist before, they’re more or fewer biologists that studies genetics, the science of genes and also heredity. Your average salary as a geneticist could be anywhere from $76,951 upwards. In terms of what you’d be doing, diagnosing genetic conditions, communicating risks, and exploring options are just a few things. To become a geneticist, you’ll need to start with a degree in biology, environmental science, or any other related subject.

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Children are said to be the future, so looking after them is essential. This is why the role of a pediatrician is so critical in healthcare as they diagnose and treat medical issues that relate to children, infants, teens, and young adults. They also treat common illnesses injuries, diseases, as well as give vaccinations.

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