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The way we choose to decorate our homes says a lot about our personality, as we want to surround ourselves in the things that make us feel happy, relaxed, and inspired. Sometimes though, when we feel like a change or want to freshen up a room, it can be difficult to choose how to decorate. Do you go for bold colors, or pastels? Minimalist style or country chic? The key to decorating a room well is to have a loose idea of a style that you like, and add the things that make you smile. Here is a guide to top home décor, so you get the look you really want for your home.

The Room

The different rooms in your home have different purposes, so the décor you choose should reflect that. For example, a bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing place where you get quality sleep, so choosing busy patterns or lots of colors might not be the right way to decorate that sort of space. Before you begin decorating any room, make sure the color schemes and the objects you choose to decorate with fit in with the room’s purpose.

A Plan

If you are not sure how you want to decorate a room in your home, it is a good idea to look online or in magazines to find inspiration on the styles you like. Create a mood board where you can pin your ideas, or use an online website such as Pinterest to gather information and pictures. Once you know what you definitely would like, then you can begin to create a plan to decorate the room.

Color Schemes

It can be tricky finding the right colors to paint the walls of a room, and we are always being told in the media what colors are on trend and what is now old-fashioned. The best tip to finding a color for your room is to pick one that makes you feel happy, rather than worrying about whether it is trendy or not. Color trends come and go, so as long as you choose colors that compliment your room design and makes you feel good, then it is a great color to have on your walls.


Art makes a great finishing touch to any room. Wall art such as modern photographic prints, antique landscape paintings, or abstract work adds color and interest, as do sculpted objects. You might also be able to find some natural materials and create your own bespoke art pieces to display.

A bright, warm home is a welcoming place for you to relax after work, spend time with family as well as having guests over. Getting the décor right makes a home somewhere that you enjoy spending time, so thinking it through is essential. Your home décor can be anything you’d like it to be. Look for inspiration everywhere you go, find decorative items that speak your heart, and you will be able to put personality into every room.

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