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How to create an indoor beach [yes, it’s great for adults too]


In the dark, dismal days of winter, memories of sunny, warm days at the beach warm the heart. It’s easy to relive happy days at the shore with an Indoor Beach.

It’s difficult to everyone to be cooped up indoors, especially when the weather turns nice.  To liven a dreary corner of a room or relive happy times spent at the beach, with minimal effort, it’s possible to create an indoor beach. I’m a firm believer that going to the beach is cathartic. It’s bad enough we are so isolated from loved ones, it can be quite depressing. If you are feeling sad read this article.

But can I really bring the beach to my house? You sure can, here’s how to make an Indoor Beach if you are suffering from social distancing malaise.

Creating an indoor beach requires little planning, lots of creativity and a love for the seashore. The size of the indoor beach depends on how large an area is available in a room. For a larger display, purchase a small plastic tube of the type used for a child’s outdoor pool or if space is limited a small plastic foot bath.

Approximately a yard to a yard and half of the material with a nautical pattern will also be needed for a cover. Of course many children’s outdoor pools do come with a nautical theme, but they may be too childlike for the purposes of an adult get together. So you may be better off to purchase material to make your indoor beach look more upscale than for children. The material should have a hangover the edge at least 4 to 6 inches, enough to be tucked neatly beneath the bottom of the tub. Secure with sewing tape or glue. Fill with clean sand, available at lumber and hardware stores, to about 3/4 inches from the rim.

The Fun Begins with your indoor beach


There’s something cathartic about sticking your toes in the sand

Before creating your indoor beach, plan a theme such as a tropical beach, an authentic local beach, or some other representation of a memorable vacation. Then, make a list of the types of things the Indoor Beach will contain.

Where can you buy items for you indoor beach?

Aquarium stores have a large supply of shrubbery to plant in the sand around the edges of the beach scape. Other items, such as sand dollars, starfish, artificial seaweed, and driftwood, can also be found wherever aquarium items are sold. Another idea to find these beach themed items are low cost stores like dollar stores or Big Lots. Keep in mind though, these may be seasonal items and this beach decor might not be available.

To give the display height, use an old model sailing vessel to create a “shipwreck” appearance at the back of the display. Add a boardwalk and breakwater at the sides. If you really want to take to the next level, add beach fencing or a lifeguard tower for a different effect. These can easily be found in toy stores or wherever model train displays are sold if they are open during this time.

Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment when you create and indoor beach for yourself or to surprise a loved one

Locate the Indoor beach where it will generate the most interest. Unlike knick-knacks that are dust magnets or indoor plants that require a good deal of care, an indoor beach is virtually maintenance-free. It’s a great conversation piece, and for those who love meditational corners, an indoor beach is perfect. It’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-polluting. For those with kids, just remove the beach figures, and it becomes an indoor sandbox to keep little ones occupied in the long days of winter or during lockdown and social distancing.

So, whether you are isolating for health reasons or you just can’t make it to the beach, no worries. Because with this handy guide you can bring the beach to you with a lovely indoor beach you can enjoy whenever you want. All it takes is just a little bit of work.

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