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Idependent Distilling Company Opens Its Doors in Decatur

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This post goes out to all my Georgia whiskey, bourbon, rum and gin-drinkin’ brethren! Ok, full disclosure, I’m a chick in her upper 20s from Jersey but hey! I do love me a good, strong bourbon and whiskey. Here’s hoping my credibility remains intact…
Back in early February I was invited to attend the soft opening of IDC Distilling Company’s tasting room. See, this distillery has been around for a few years IMG_1865now, churning up and turning out some of the best, most authentic product you’ll find, but only in 2016 were they granted the official permission to open up their doors for the public’s viewing – and tasting – pleasure. Their tasting room is tiny but then again, who needs a wide open room when there’s plenty of space for your two elbows right on the bar?IMG_1877
For a few college buddies, born and raised in Georgia who spent a good portion of their young-to-mid-adult years pursuing “conventional” careers, opening this place was an utter dream. But like many 2grassroots ventures, this one has not been without great sacrifice, significant expenses and endless patience (read: contained aggravation) during a less-than-favorable licensing process (thanks, Georgia legislature). But despite all of that, these guys refused to give up and that’s pretty damn cool. Now, for their efforts, they have a coveted product and a petite but perfect brick-and-mortar location to show for it.
Tommy and Michael, the two gentleman at the helm. are passionate about sourcing their ingredients locally in the state of Georgia. They’re all about closing the loop, creating a process that1 begins and ends here in Georgia and that respects and supports southern agriculture. That kind of enthusiasm and fervor for bolstering the local economy is admirable and inspiring.
Though their operation is small, their aspirations are large; but not greedy. They’ll never compete with the “big boys” (Makers Mark, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and the like) but then again, they’re not trying to. All they’re interested in is creating a quality, Georgia product that they enjoy and can be proud of and frankly, there ain’t nothing wrong with that *said the Jersey girl*.
If you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekend, stop by the IDC’s tasting room, sandwiched between Three Taverns Brewery and Blue Tarp Brewing Co., there’s no doubt you’ll have yourself a real good time.

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