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Inside the Box: Bandit Wine Review

Bandit Wine Product Review

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A couple years ago, I was at a wine seminar, the instructor a Master Sommelier. Someone asked his impression of screw top bottles of wine. Instead of a snooty, sarcastic response I would have expected, “It’s outstanding,” he exclaimed. He went on to explain how ridiculous he thinks it is to make a product that has to have it’s own special tool to open it.

Screw top wines are one thing, but box wines? When Bandit wines sent me some wine to sample, I was skeptical. Would this really be quality? Bandit wines come in two sizes the small (500 ml) which is the equivalent of three glasses and the large (1 liter) which is 1 and 1/3 bottles worth. First I tried the Red Blend, which I expected to like the least, but it turned out to be my favorite, a slightly sweet taste that I enjoyed by itself without pairing any food with it.

Next I took the small box of Pinot Grigio to Chastain Amphitheatre for a concert. It easily fit in my picnic bag, or could easily fit into a purse (ahem, movies). My only complaint is that although I only took it out of the fridge (where it had been for 24 hours) right before we left, it didn’t stay cool very long. Granted, it was a hot August evening in Atlanta. But it did pair nicely with my fried chicken, and cucumber tomato salad I had for dinner, with it’s citrusy notes.

Highlights of Bandit Wines:

  • They are lightweight and easily fit into a picnic bag (or purses!)
  • Easily open and close
  • Wine stays fresh for days
  • Large volume in the deceptively small looking tetra paks
  • Inexpensive

The wines are good for outdoor activities where you don’t want to have to carry a bottle opener or where glass isn’t allowed. I’m impressed by how much wine these boxes hold. If you’ve got 4-6 people just two of the big sizes will do for an outdoor event unless you drink like Amy Schumer. Bandit wine retails for about 9 bucks for the 1 liter size and about 6 bucks for the 500 ml size. What do you think? Would you ever try Bandit wine?

Disclosure: Bandit Wines sent me the wine at no charge, but the opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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