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Island Spice Caribbean, Acworth, GA, Restaurant Review


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Island Spice Caribbean cuisine is a small (just 4 tables) restaurant in Acworth. The restaurant, around for three years, was started by Sandra Green and she keeps is going with the help her three children. The small space lends itself mostly to take out orders and some catering. Although their menu includes breakfast, hours are 11 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday.

I visited early on a Saturday evening with my family and we ended up trying a variety of dishes: Jerk, Curry, Grilled Pineapple and Fry (not Fried) Chicken. Oh and we also tried a couple other items – a spicy beef patty and the curry goat wrap. Besides these popular dishes, they also have jerk wings, Oxtail, Cow Foot and on Fridays have a Friday Fish Fry and are open until Midnight those nights. Though I presume most people get this go as the restaurant is quite small.


“Fry” Chicken from Island Spice Caribbean in Acworth

The beef patty was delicious and had a kick to it. It’s a bargain at just over two bucks. Two patties and order of sweet fried plantains would make a terrific and inexpensive meal. The signature item, the jerk chicken, wasn’t my favorite. There was a slightly off-putting aftertaste, even if the chicken was cooked right and juicy. However, the side of jerk sauce was intense and delightful. But instead of Island Spice’s signature jerk chicken, I’d wished I ordered the curry chicken like my dad which was flavorful and spicy and not the least bit over-salted as some Caribbean / Jamaican restaurants do (I’m looking at you Coconutz in Marietta). A Fry chicken was also juicy and flavorful. Plus, my aunt, who is not fan of spicy or Caribbean spices, loved her Grilled Pineapple chicken.

In addition, Island Spice has wraps of chicken or goat curry. I also opted to try the goat curry and their Roti. For the West Indian culture, their version of Roti is what you may know as Naan bread. Though light and fluffy like Naan, Roti is sometimes stuffed with a dry spiced split pea mixture which gives it an excellent flavor.

However, making a wrap with meat and bones is not a good idea. I was afraid this would be the case with the goat curry wrap and sure enough it was. I’m not sure why it is so difficult to remove the bones from goat, but it seems to always be served this way at Jamaican restaurants. While it is inconvenient to peel away meat from bones in a combo dish, it is a good way to crack a tooth, or cut the inside of your mouth like my poor hubby did, if you are biting into a wrap that contains bones. Nevertheless, it was tasty, but you’ll have your work cut out for you if you order it.


Jerk Chicken combo plate at Island Spice

Combo meals at Island Spice come with peas and rice and a vegetable (cabbage on that day). We asked for several items that they were out of at Island Spice- Pumpkin Rice, Fried Dumplings and Festival (a dumpling that contains meat). They also had no desserts which was particularly disappointing as I was really looking forward to having some of their Rum cake.

All in all, Island Spice is a nice addition to the Kennesaw / Acworth neighborhood, but if you go be aware that the menu posted online lends itself more towards what Island Spice offers as catering than what you will actually find when you arrive to dine in or order to go. Stick with the chicken dish combos and you’ll be fine.

Tip: Lunch specials are only around $5.

Island Spice website
2535 Hickory Grove Road
Acworth, GA

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