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JCT Kitchen revamped patio menu

JCT Kitchen new Patio menu

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You know a patio is kind a special when it has it’s own Instagram account, separate from the restaurant is resides above.

There’s live music on Thursdays a JCT Kitchen’s patio from 6-9 pm and Friday and Saturday starting 9 pm. The night we visited, a Thursday, was pretty lively so it may hard to score a table come warm weather weekends. But it’s definitely worth it as this one hell of a patio.

If JCT Kitchen is known for their hearty and southern dishes, the patio should be known for their seafood heavy dishes. You can get raw oysters starting at 3 bucks a pop or Broiled Oysters, or even an oyster chowder. But we didn’t get any of those. Instead we got kale salad and pickled mussels (both pictured at the top). I loved that the mussels were served sans the shell. Why don’t more restaurants do that? Plus, the pickling is an interested take on mussels. If you love broth, you may be a bit disappointed that there isn’t any with this dish, but that chili butter was delicious with the bread.

JCT Kitchen midtown atlanta review

L: Hamachi Crudo, R: Peel and eat shrimp at JCT Kitchen’s upstairs patio

Instead, of we sampled the Tuna Tartare and the Hamachi Crudo to start. As beautiful as the tartare looked, it didn’t have the flavor I love so much, instead was a tad bland, which is a shame because the presentations is so gorgeous. However, the crudo at JCT Kitchen was bursting with flavor. As mix of soy and serrano peppers along with citrus was a powerful combo of appealing tastes.

JCT Kitchen atlanta patio restaurant

L: Tuna Tartare and R: Crab roll

But our seafood extravaganza courtesy of JCT Kitchen wasn’t over yet. We still had more to try. Normally, I don’t like food I have to crack, peel or put together in any way when I’m dining out. But I’d make an exception for JCT Kitchen’s peel and eat shrimp. I mean look how huge they are? However, my absolute favorite of the night was the crab roll. Served on fried brioche with salt and vinegar chips, it’s totally worth the carbs, calories and 21 bucks.

If you are a seafood lover or even liker, you gotta sample these goodies. JCT Kitchen’s patio menu is here.

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