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Keegan’s Irish Pub, Kennesaw, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Having been to Keegan’s Irish Pub about 3 times now, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, Keegan’s is a charming pub, with friendly staff and a decent out door patio. But on the other hand, it seems to be lacking in the food department. I so wish I had my camera with me, but I hadn’t planned on ending up at Keegan’s, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures.

As far as the crowd, Keegan’s seems to be a mix of young and older, very different from the crowd at Bailey’s up the street which is mostly young and rowdy college kids. This is surprising, given the fact that Kennesaw State University is not far away.

Now the first time I visited Keegan’s I just had a couple beers myself and found the service to be prompt and courteous. My friend had a cup of soup, and thought the quality of was good, the portion was pretty small for the price tag.

On this most recent visit, food seemed promising but ultimately was somewhat of a disappointment. Two of us out of our party of three began with a cup of the Mulligan’s stew. This stew is a mixture of lamb, onions, potatoes and carrots. It is pretty hearty and a cup offers a generous portion of lamb. And at $3.95 per cup it is a great value. You can also get a bowl for $6. If you visit, don’t miss this.

So far so good. I wanted to go with something small as the stew was pretty filling, so I ordered the Irish Egg rolls. Unlike traditional egg rolls, these are wontons filled with cabbage, swiss cheese and corned beef. They also come with thousand island dipping dressing on the side. Very reubenesque.

What a mistake it was to get these! I would tell you how the corned beef tasted but I can’t because the tiny specs they put in there were dwarfed by the cabbage and swiss cheese. I wish I had been able to take a pictures, as no one would believe how pathetic the offering of corned beef was. Although the wonton was crispy, the lack of corned beef left the eggroll unbalanced and was a huge letdown. It is too bad because the idea is a good one- but the actual execution is a failure. As I sit here writing this post, my stomach is punishing me for this meal selection.

Glen ordered the fish tacos for his entree. I’m puzzled as to why Keegan’s lists this an an appetizer, as it is clearly an entree. The portion is large with 3 overstuffed fish tacos. And when I think of appetizers I think of sharing, and these aren’t for sharing. But I digress, the cod was cooked well and there was plenty in each taco. It also comes with a side of tomatoes and onions. Glen went for mouthful and promptly spit them back out – they were rancid. How disgusting.

We also had Glen’s daughter with us and she ordered Shepherd’s pie. Well, actually I’m getting ahead of myself. She really wanted to order the corned beef and cabbage, but was told it was only offered on Sundays, even though it is on the main menu. Ok, so an Irish pub that only has corned beef and cabbage one day of the week, that’s interesting.

So, she settled for the Shepherd’s pie in stead. She only had a couple bites and was not overly impressed. I tasted it as well and thought it was solid, except for the swiss cheese on top. I wasn’t expecting that.

Overall, there are some winners in the mix on this menu, but there are some clear losers as well. However, the service is friendly and reliable. So, although some of the offerings were less than stellar, I would still visit Keegan’s Irish Pub again.

1625 Ridenour Pky NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152

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