Keurig Kold Drink Maker Review

You are familiar with the Keurig coffee maker, but what you may not know is that they introduced a Keurig Kold drink maker. Much like the design of the Keurig coffee maker, the Kold makes sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, iced tea and even cocktail mixers. See a mix of some the drink makers they have below.

I was curious how the Keurig Kold sodas would compare to the kind right of the can. While I didn’t both to try the Coca-Cola (I figured they’d be pretty anal about getting the taste just right), I did sample the Vanilla Soda and the Red Bard Craft Soda made with real cane sugar. They were quite delicious and if you had presented them to be blindfolded I wouldn’t have been able to tell that they were not from a can.


The Keurig Kold offers sodas, energy drinks, teas and even cocktail mixers!

So how do they get the fizz into the drink? It’s pretty interesting. Those pods have two parts. Half is the drink mixture and the other half are these tiny beads, that, when run through the machine give it the fizz. If you watch the video below (place your cursor on the image to play), you’ll see the process. The fizz comes out first and the drink is a clear color and then in the second dispersement, the flavor comes in and you’ll see the color change.

As I said, Keurig Kold has a variety of cane sugar colas, teas, even mixers. So, there’s something for everyone. I tried the Mojito by itself and it was very delicious sans any booze. They even partnered with Coke to produce their product for the machines. No word yet on whether they’ll create Pepsi product versions.

They are smaller sizes and are fewer calories. The pods for the Keurig Kold are sold in 4 packs and are around $1 each. The Keurig Kold retails for $299. They are recyclable but you must make sure beads are washed out.

Although it is not a product I would buy or use myself (I don’t drink sodas or any of the drinks that the Keurig Kold makes on a regular basis), I could see it as a good addition if you have a pool and want to have a variety of drinks available without having to go inside the house. Same thing with a man cave or basement  game room. It’s great if you are entertaining. Another thing to consider is the space it takes up. If you already have the Keurig coffee machine would you also want this is in your kitchen?



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