King Tut Exhibit Review Atlanta, GA Civic Center

I visited the King Tut Exhibit today at the Atlanta Civic Center. I foolishly thought the rain and cold, dreary weather would have kept the crowds away from King Tut. But I was wrong. It was extremely crowded at the King Tut Exhibit. Must be all those discount tickets that people were able to snatch up. Yes, for a limited time, tickets were available for 60% off the regular price. I snagged this deal for King Tut Tickets and (warning: shameless plug for my newsletter) you could have too if you were signed up for my FREE weekly newsletter.

Liking something is relative to how much money you pay, right? So, for the $12.50 per ticket, I thought the King Tut Exhibit was worthwhile. But if I had paid the $30 plus that most others had paid that were waiting in line for their time slot, I would not have been a happy camper.

You would think that you would get some sort of guide or literature so you know what to expect and can pace yourself accordingly, but your admission price doesn’t get you anything but that: admission. We spent the first hour at the King Tut Exhibit wandering through various rooms that had some busts, statues, and various jewelry. But, if you are not seriously into art, it is just blah. Personally, I think they added all the extra fluff to cover up the fact that they really didn’t have all that much from his tomb to display.

It was only after an hour that we finally got to the real deal; The King Tut tomb contents. Apparently, there were several rooms in King Tut’s tomb. So, we saw contents of various rooms: The Annex, The Burial Chamber, The Treasury. That was cool to see his bed, gold sandals among other items he was buried with. But, if you were thinking you were going to get to see the sarcophagus, think again. This piece doesn’t get to travel anymore.

You can still see the King Tut Exhibit through May 17 at the Atlanta Civic Center. However, if my review has put you off of the King Tut Exhibit, you may want to check out the photography exhibit at Emory. Tickets are $7 and it runs through May 25, and this has massive pictures of the discovery and excavation of the tomb.

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