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Leslie’s Lane: book review

Leslies Lane Book Review

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A fabulous #ladyboss and an amazing friend of mine, Leslie Royal, has published a book I wanted you to know about. The book is Leslie’s Lane and it is chock full of resources for  travel, career, discounts, scholarships and more! Here’s Leslie and I below on various press trips.

But you may be wondering, who is Leslie Royal?

She is an international travel journalist, personal finance writer and creator of the Leslie‘s Lane blog.  A professional Freelance Writer for more than 20 years, her articles have appeared in FORTUNE, Wall Street Journal, ESSENCE and UPSCALE. You won’t find her without her selfie stick.

leslie lane on press trips

Me with Leslie Royal on several press trips…she’s NEVER without her beloved selfie stick!

Leslie is a thorough writer and researcher dedicated to giving you the best possible recommendations. Her knowledge of travel destinations is wide, and her book is full of opinions from experts and successful businesspeople.

Leslie is truly a person who is down to earth and exactly like her online persona. She’s polite, generous and caring. I remember being at an airport with her and watched her stock up on key chains because they were highly discounted. Leslie proclaimed: “I love a good deal!”

About the book, Leslie’s Lane:

leslies lane book review

Author, journalist and world traveler, Leslie Royal

This inclusive book gives you the inside scoop on all things employment, money, healthcare and traveling for free or with extensive discounts. It includes countless links to websites that have already been vetted by Leslie herself. With exhaustive knowledge and a level of care you can trust, Leslie provides all the tools to make your life easier and help you save money.

A couple of the things I LOVE about Leslie’s book:

  • Not only does she insert her opinion but she includes sage advice from experts. Think advice of Dan T. Cathy of Chik-fil-A.
  • She’s got questions at the end of each chapter. She purposely wanted the book to be interactive. So, it really pushes the reader to analyze what they want and guides them on the right path…er…lane.
  • The book tackles you finding your dream career and outlines a whole approach to it including: Physical, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual and a Professional “fit” to your career.

You can buy Leslie’s Lane The Book!: Your One Stop Internet Resource Guide to Links for Jobs, Inspiration, Discounts, FREE Stuff, Scholarships, Travel & More! here.
Want to follow Leslie on social media? You can do so on Twitter and Instagram @LesliesLane

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