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Lily and Fox Nail Wraps [worth the hype?] Honest Review


Have you heard that saying that you can have something cheap, fast or good but not all three at the same time? I feel like that applies to nail wraps overall. You can read my review of good, better, best nail wraps in this post. As it pertains to Lily and Fox, they are good and cheap but the shipping is slow. But that’s just fine with me.

I’ve been on a nail wrap kick for about a hear and a half. I’ve tried many brands from the old faithful Color Street to the newer Lovely Hello. Pretty much any time a new nail wrap company comes out I try it. I’ve tried Lily & Fox and here’s my experience.

Lily and Fox glitter nail wraps

I first bought two different nail sets from Lily & Fox. It seems that on your first couple orders they throw in a “practice set” so if you are new to nail wraps you can test out one without spending anything. For my first set, I had a glitter one that I halved. When I’d done this method in the past (also known as the carrier method) the nail wraps fell off within 3 days. But I only wanted them for the weekend so that was fine. The nails went strong for 5 full days. They stayed shiny and I got lots of compliments.

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How long do Lily & Fox nail wraps last?

According to customer service, their nail wraps last for 14 days. I have not had them last that long. The longest my nail wraps lasted from Lily & Fox were 11 days. And that’s doing all the right prep like buffing smoothing out your nails with a nail file, wiping them with alcohol or prep pads to remove any excess oil and putting a top coat on wright away.

How much do Lily & Fox nail wraps cost?

These nail wraps are $2.99 each and I love that they have free shipping. Note that shipping can take over 10 days (for me it has been about 2 weeks from the time I place the order. Lovely Hello wraps start at $3 but only have free shipping if you spend $15 or more. They do arrive quicker but I don’t mind the wait for the Lily & Fox ones. Color Street nails are about $12 each which seems a bit much – plus they seem to be out of stock of many colors.

What is the selection like with Lily & Fox?

They have a good selection of glitter, ombre, geometrical, and seasonal designs. I have honed in on several that I am now loyal to. But at less than 3 bucks each, you can afford to have one that just doesn’t do it for you every once in a while. Protip: if you have small nails like me, the ombre nails just don’t look that great.

How does Lily & Fox compare to Lovely Hello Nail wraps?

I find the Lily & Fox nail wraps to be much better. I actually wrote the owner of Lovely Hello to tell them about Lily & Fox and she said they are exactly the same but I find that hard to believe given that their nail wraps usually start to peel off after day 5 and with Lily & Fox I’ve got

If I am going to spend the 40 minutes to apply nail wraps, I expect them to last a decent amount of time and still look as good as the day I applied them. I found the best value for these to be Lily & Fox.

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