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Little Mermaid Musical

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The Little Mermaid is now a musical!

I think everyone had a favorite Disney movie from their childhood. For me it was the Little Mermaid. The music, the love story between Ariel and Eric and all the other characters just was heavenly for me. So, when I heard that Serenbe playhouse had turned it into a musical I knew I had to see it. All photos are credit: Serenbe Playhouse).

little mermaid musical

The Little Mermaid the musical at Serenbe Playhouse

What’s cool about the Little Mermaid musical is that they’ve set it against the backdrop of the lake at Serenbe and turned the ground into a beach so the audience feels like they are part of the experience. It’s a short walk from parking to check-in. Plus, they have a stand steps away from the seating with drinks and snacks. The seating is intimate, and since there’s no reserved seating you can choose where to sit. Tip: skip the first several rows and opt for seating in the elevated sections which are more comfortable and still provide great views.

There’s a large cast and it seems they focused more on the cast’s wardrobe then the stage set for the Little Mermaid, which consists mostly of scaffolding and garbage (to replicate the fact that people are using the world’s oceans as their trash can). But the costumes are gorgeous and verdant. Ariel and Ursula have outstanding voices too. While I loved Ariel, Ursula really steals the show with her eye catching costume and magnificent voice.

serenbe little mermaid

Vibrant costumes at the Little Mermaid musical

While I saw some kids there when I went on a Sunday at 7:30, I’d recommend taking them during the day, as the show with intermission is 2.5 hours which means a late night if you have little ones. The Little Mermaid is playing through April 22 at Serenbe. Tickets for the Little Mermaid are just $40.


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