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Louisiana Bistreaux: creative creole dishes in Decatur

louisiana bistreaux decatur atlanta

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Located in a strip mall in Decatur, it would be easy to dismiss Louisiana Bistreaux as just another run of the mill Cajun wannabe restaurant, a la Pappadeaux. But, oh you’d be so wrong. They’ve got creative, to die for seafood dishes.

We ordered 1/2 a dozen raw Gulf oysters to start and man, were they ever tasty. So good, in fact we gobbled them up before realizing we didn’t snap a picture. We did, however, get a picture of the crab cake from Louisiana Bistreaux. Had we not had the oysters to start, I’m quite certain I’d have devoured the lump crab cake, with hardly and filler, myself. The light mustard cream sauce atop it was just the slight tanginess it needed.

louisiana bistreaux atlanta review

Crab cake appetizer at Louisiana Bistreaux

Louisiana Bistreaux has lots of craft beers on draft or by can available. Monday Night, Scofflaw, and Jailhouse just to name a few. I had a Jailhouse Mugshot IPA which was delicious. If it hadn’t been for the filling portions, I’d have gotten another. Plus, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday at Louisiana Bistreaux. They’ve got live jazz from 6 – 9 pm on Tuesdays, plus $5 drink specials.

Jambalaya, gumbo and étouffée are obviously all on Louisiana Bistreaux’s menu. I’m sure they are wonderful, but can I tell you a secret? I’ve never been much of a fan of any of those, crawfish especially. So, I honed in on the Redfish Ponchartrain. With shrimp and lump crabmeat, served with corn maque choux and dirty rice, it sounded delicious and our server told us it was her favorite thing on the menu.

best cajun restaurant atlanta

Redfish at Louisiana Bistreaux, Decatur

Now, had I just had this entree, I’d have left smitten with Louisiana Bistreaux. The excellent Cajun dishes here were lovely. But my husband, Glen, ordered the house special – Crawtator Grouper. I sincerely thought that my entree would be superior, less gimmicky sounding and all. But no, he beat me…again. How does this ALWAYS happen?

The Crawtator Grouper, pictured at the top, is crusted with Zapp’s crawtator chips in a cajun crawfish cream sauce, with sautéed spinach and jalapeno gouda grits. The presentation, piled high atop the grits spilling over with crawfish is pretty. But the taste? When you get the mixture of grouper, cajun sauce and those spinach and grits – wowza is all I can say. This will be on my list of best things I ate in 2018 for sure!

Portions are huuuge at Louisiana Bistreaux and you’ll likely not be able to finish your entree. But don’t let that stop you from ordering a dessert to go. We had them box up the white chocolate cheesecake for us and enjoyed it a couple hours later while watching a movie in bed.

cajun restaurant atlanta

Oreo cheesecake at Louisiana Bistreaux

Louisiana Bistreaux website

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  • I love Nine Street – outstanding!!  I live in Chicago, but whenever I am back in Roswell, I have to head to this wondeful restaurant.  One of my faves!

  • Tonight was a great night in downtown Roswell. My friends and I ate at Ceviche which was a wonderful mexican restaurant. Being a Saturday night, there was not a whole lot of options for parking but we were able to find a Handicap spot behind Nine Street Kitchen. As we walked by Nine Street we thought it looked really nice and really wanted to check it out the next time we came. The night came to an end and we went back to our car and to our surprise someone had intentionally double parked us in. It turned out that the owner of this restaurant had done this so he could interrogate my girlfriend about being handicapped. He had the audacity to ask her what her handicap was in a tone that no business owner should ever take with a customer. She is a 22 year old cancer survivor with bones missing from her leg. I was appalled at his behavior and needless to say will never be attending this “Kitchen”. If you enjoy getting the third degree from a business owner about having a handicap, then this is the restaurant for you. Oh, and he never even apologized.

  • Nine Street kitchen is just plain bad! I can only imagine they remain in business because of location and spill-over from the actual good restaurants around Canton Street. First of all a restaurant should have a kitchen (walk inside and see for yourself – the building is intended to be coffee dessert bar). The wait staff is a rag tag group of people (mostly teenagers) with no experience and no training who are more interested in hanging out back and smoking. The owners continue to expand onto a dirt lawn hill, the parking lot and anywhere else they can cram a table. Half of everything they own seems to be broken and the other half is thrown into the bushes. One of the prep areas is in the back parking lot.

    If you feel like you should ignore this review and give Nine a try for yourself please do not order anything that does not have a long shelf life…honestly the only person in our group that did not get sick only had the microwave melted cheese and tomatoes.

    If you want to go and just drink and listen to music i would suggest that you only drink beer and i would drink it straight from the bottle (and even then I would wipe off the top)

    I have never before written a review but I felt i had to in this case.

  • Really disappointing. Food is way over-priced for what you get. With all the GA cheese farms there is no excuse for the terrible chunks of packaged Kraft product they throw on a plate with wheat thins for $10. Main, the Seared Ahi Tuna Cesar. It arrived on a MOUNTAIN of mayo soaked romaine, stale croutons, and Ahi that had been cooked to the point of not edible. No seasoning. My husband had the chicken salad with walnuts. The chicken was so dry he couldn’t eat it. So, $50 later, we left, still hungry. Will not be back.

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