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MADE Kitchen and Cocktails, Alpharetta, GA Review


Tucked away on a side street off the main drag in Alpharetta, you might miss MADE Kitchen and Cocktails if you didn’t know it was there. But that would be a shame. Made from reclaimed wood from a South Carolina barn, MADE Kitchen and cocktails is a beautiful space with gorgeous features. There’s a smallish bar located next to the open kitchen, if you want to pop in for craft cocktail, and maybe stay for some tapas. For a group outing there’s a large high top in the dining area that has a view to the kitchen as well. The main dining room is perfect for dates and small groups.


Communal dining table at Made Kitchen in Alpharetta

I love the open air patio, with louvered panels (see image above). Keep it in mind for the warm, spring months coming. Or the fluke warm days we’ve had this fall as well.

Made Kitchen and Cocktails has close to ten craft cocktails on the menu, with unique ingredients like Blackberry syrup and chamomile Pisco. Although the Black sage with the above mentioned Blackberry syrup sounded alluring, our server steered me towards a Kentucky Creeper with bourbon, lavender honey, Cynar and soda. It had just the balance I was looking for, not too sweet or tart. There’s also house made sangria (red or white), lots of draft beer and a well curated wine list, with nearly 30 different wines by the glass.


Artichoke hearts from Made Kitchen and Cocktails

A more fitting name for the restaurant would be Made Tapas and Cocktails as that is what the menu is primarily made of and whole lot more exciting than the entrees sound. Let’s start with the Wood Grilled Artichokes. File this under dishes worth driving for. The sauce has a touch of cream but not so much that it overpowers the beautiful artichokes. However, that didn’t stop me from using bread to sop up the liquid. Made Kitchen and cocktails certainly has a winner on it’s hand with these.


Salt Cod Fritters with house made hot sauce

Salted cod fritters ($9) (pictured above) were nice and crispy. And what’s nice is that they stayed that way while we grazed on them. I mean, not that we took that long to devour them, but sometimes fried foods fail to retain the crispy structure after sitting for a short amount of time. But not these fritters from Made Kitchen and Cocktails. Seared Scallops served with fennel and grapefruit were tasty  but pricey for $13 for just two.


Camarones a la Plancha at Made Kitchen and Cocktails

The Camarones a la Plancha (Argentinian shrimp over polenta cake) were good, however the polenta cake they sat on top of was quite salty, detracting from the shrimp and much the like the 2 scallop dish, this is not where you will get the most bang for your buck, priced at $13.

Another stand out dish at Made Kitchen and Cocktails are the Braised Pork Cheeks ($9). They were so easy to cut and those crispy strips on top? Parsnip chips! There was not one left on the plate when our server took it away.


Pork Cheeks from Made Kitchen and Cocktails

We had six plates in total but four could easily fill two people up depending on what you order.  Our server wasn’t surprised we couldn’t eat dessert, stating “Yes, you guys really did eat a lot!”

Thanks to the Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau for taking care of our meal!

Made Kitchen and Cocktails website
45 Roswell St
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(770) 452-6233

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