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How to Make Your Own Pizza at Home

I love pizza. I am an admitted pizza whore. I could eat pizza a couple times a week. But with the horrendous economy it has taken its tole on my wallet. I can’t eat out as much as I’d like to.

But I still love eating good food. And I wanted to find a way to enjoy good foods at home.  That’s why I was glad to find this product. Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria teaches you how to make NY style pizza and is instructed by someone who worked at a pizza making company for years.

The thing I like about this video guide is that it teaches you the basics of making great pizza, but it also gives you the flexibility to adjust to personal taste. So, if you like more garlic, oregano, fennel, etc you can adjust it to your preference. The other great thing about Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria is that they don’t try to force you to buy a bunch of things that you don’t need. For example, Deb, the instructor says that while a pizza screen is absolutely necessary, you don’t have to have a pizza stone, you could just use tiles instead.

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  • If you don’t want to buy a pizza stone, you can just use tiles
  • The videos show you how to make the dough by hand OR with a mixer
  • Gives you online sources to buy information no matter where you live
  • Give you guidance on adjusting the amount of yeast depending on when you want the dough to be ready for baking
  • Videos show you how to make dough using a food processor

You’ll learn answers to questions like:

  • Should dough be stored in an air-tight container?
  • What cheese will be more greasy than others?
  • What is the best flour, oil, yeast, salt to use?
  • How should I chop and add toppings for best cooking?
  • What to do so I don’t have a hole in my pizza center?

I am so glad I found this video series that shows you how to make pizza like a professional.

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