Mardi Gras Marshmallow Pops [perfect and easy dessert for your Mardi Gras themed party]


Looking for a fun dessert to make with your friends to celebrate Mardi Gras or something to make for a Mardi Gras party? This is it!

There are so many reasons you’ll want to add this Mardi Gras dessert to your repertoire.

One of the reasons I love this Mardi Gras dessert is that it is so easy to make – and I’m not a great baker! But really if you can melt candy, you can make this cool Mardi Gras themed party dessert.

Another reason I love it is that the ingredients are really affordable, despite how rich and colorful this Mardi Gras themed dessert looks.

And yet a third reason to love this pretty dessert, is that it is easy to take and transport to a party if you are attending a Mardi Gras pot luck. And, even better, you aren’t limited to using Mardi Gras colors for the dessert. Having a baby shower? Use pink or blue. Or a birthday party? Just pick your favorite color! It’s super versatile.

Ingredients for this fun and festive dessert for your Mardi Gras themed party! 


Here’s everything you need for dessert for your Mardi Gras themed party

24 regular-size marshmallows

White candy melts or vanilla flavored almond bark

Yellow candy melts

Green candy melts

Purple candy melts

Assorted sprinkles in yellow, green, and purple

See what I mean about it being totally affordable to make these Mardi Gras treats for your party? It is so inexpensive to make such a pretty party treat!


You will also need the following for this marvelous Mardi Gras dessert for your themed party:


Piping bags and skewers are necessary for these fun dessert treats for a fantastic Mardi Gras themed party

  • Piping bags
  • Bamboo skewers or treat sticks


Instructions for these festive Mardi Gras themed party dessert items – Marshmallow pops

  1. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. 

    Make sure to buy extra marshmallows for this Mardi Gras dessert – you might be tempted to eat a bunch while you are making this fun dessert.

  2. Press four marshmallows onto a skewer or treat stick with a twisting motion. Line baking sheet with wax paper. Lay the marshmallow skewers on waxed paper.
  3. Melt white candy according to package directions making sure not to overheat. If the candy gets too hot, it will seize. Tip: add 1 teaspoon vegetable shortening or coconut oil to make the melted candy pourable.
  4. Pour melted candy over the marshmallows allowing the excess to drop back into the bowl. For best results, scrape the candy from the bottom (the side you place on the waxed paper.) Allow to dry completely. 

    Your Mardi Gras party guests will love this dessert surprise!

  5. In separate bowls, melt the candy according to package directions making sure not to overheat. Again, if the candy gets too hot, it will seize. Best tip: add 1 teaspoon vegetable shortening or coconut oil to make the melted candy pourable. 

    Lovely fun Mardi Gras themed dessert party food!

  6. Transfer melted candy to piping bags, keeping the colors separated. One at a time, snip the corner from the piping bags and drizzle colored candy melts over the marshmallows. While the candy is still wet, add sprinkles as desired.
  7. Allow the marshmallows to rest on waxed paper until set before packaging or serving. Before removing the marshmallow pops from the waxed paper, cut along the sides with a knife. 

    Let melted topping cool before cutting the extra off of these Mardi Gras party pops!

  8. Best if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


These marshmallow pops are so fun to make, you could bring them to a party or even make them the central part of your Mardi Gras party and everyone will have a blast. The hardest part will be picking a favorite pop – melted or sprinkles?


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