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Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails – farm to fork

Atlantans know that Roswell and Alpharetta are awash with phenomenal restaurants, but look just a bit outside the area to Milton, for some incredible dining spots, and you won’t be disappointed.

At Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails, an old farmhouse has been restored and converted to a gorgeous restaurant space. The 150 year-old farmhouse & 1930’s cottage were preserved and restored with classic elements and charming details. Many of their ingredients come from our own on site garden, dubbed “Milton’s Acre.”

Milton's Cuisine and cocktails

Milton’s Acre, located behind the restaurant, is where much of the produce in the restaurant comes from

Milton’s executive chef is Derek Dollar, who trained under Jay Swift of 4th & Swift. Unfortunately he wasn’t there the night I dined at Milton’s Cuisine. The dining area of Milton’s is quite expansive. Besides a spacious bar area, there are several cozy private dining rooms, a covered patio, a large outdoor patio and the main dining area.

Milton's Cuisine and Cocktails

Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails dining area

As the menu features the name “cocktail” in it, ordering one to start is a must. I ordered a Cucumber Martini following the recommendation from our server. But after touring the garden above, I wish I’d ordered the Garden Sangria, a Rose based sangria, with the addition of gin, rosemary, and basil.

miltons cuisine alpharetta milton

Sweet potato and shrimp fritters at Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails

The restored dining room features jars of black eyed peas on each table. To start, get the sweet potato shrimp fritters. They are gluten free as are plenty of items on the menu at Milton’s Cuisine. It also comes as a side when you order the Trout. I’d love to go back and the crab cakes with meyer lemon goat cheese grits.

milton's cuisine prime steaks

Prime steaks menu at Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails – Ribeye or NY Strip?

Besides the main menu, there’s a Prime Steaks menu. Featuring a handful of steak options – Filet Mignon, Grass fed ribeye, and Dry Aged NY Strip. Out of the two, ribeye was the better option. The strip had several areas of fat on it and the meat wasn’t as a flavorful as the ribeye. Make sure to get the brussels sprouts as one of your sides. Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails is a perfect place for a special occasion.

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