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Mitsubishi Mirage 2018 car review

mitsubishi mirage 2018 carreview

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Mitsubishi Mirage – It gets the job done

Given that we have a Mitsubishi as one of the the cars in our family, we were excited to be driving a newer model, the 2018 Mirage. I knew it would be small, but when it was delivered, I was surprised at just how tiny it was. It’s definitely a car for a new driver or someone buying their first car. It’s not for those used to comfort and stylishness.

Another thing that surprised me about the Mitsubishi Mirage is that it is only a 3 cylinder. I didn’t even know they made cars with less than 4 cylinders.  It doesn’t have much power but thankfully, we were able to pass some cars when we needed to on our road trip. However, there’s no quick acceleration if you need to get around another car. High marks for keeping out road noise though, even on the interstate.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included in all SE and GT models. These are two of the best smartphone integration platforms (they connect with your phone to display your apps right on the infotainment screen). And you can use these easily with the touch screen.

I was surprised that for such a basic model, with nearly no bells or whistles that the Mitsubishi Mirage had heated seats. However, they are pretty awful. I used them on an hour long ride and and there’s a couple minutes time (I’d estimate 3-4 minutes of blasting heat to nothing at all for the next 10 minutes or so).

Pros of the Mitsubishi Mirage

  • Fuel Efficiency, sort of. The car gets 43 mpg in on the highway and 37 in the city. The tank is so small though, I hated having to fill it up so many times.
  • Heated seats in the front and back (caveat they don’t work well). For a small entry level car, I was pleasantly surprised that this car features heated seats at all, let alone both the front and back seats.
  • Connectivity of iPhone with push of a button. I just plugged my iPhone in to the USB and it instantly connected many of my apps in the large display screen on the car. It was quite easy to use the icons to display things like texts, maps, etc.
  • Great display map integration. Loved seeing the map right on the big screen rather than having to read it off Google maps.
mitsubishi mirage 2018 review

Dashboard display on Mitsubishi Mirage

Cons of the Mitsubishi Mirage

  • Pricey for new model at $17k.
  • No middle console! There’s hardly any room for storage in the front. Besides a couple cup holders, there’s no console for storage. Plus, there’s no where to rest your arm if you are the passenger. There’s just the armrest for the driver.
  • Uncomfortable seats and ride.  You’ll feel all the bumps in the road. We were on a long stretch of paving and felt bit of it.
  • Sound quality of speakers is low. Being used to a Bose sound system in my current car, this was not pleasant to listen to.
  • Does not handle curves well. It didn’t seem steady as we took and curves on the road.
  • Heated seats fluctuate between scorching hot or no heat at all.
  • The gas light wasn’t very noticeable. Most cars have a light that’s a different color to light up so you know you’re almost out of gas. Twice we nearly were at empty before we noticed we needed gas. For all the beeping this car does, it could use it when you are floating on fumes.


mitsubishi mirage 2018 review

Gas gauge on Mirage could have a better display / notification.

Overall, I don’t feel that this Mitsubishi is a good value for the price. Perhaps if it were priced around $10 or $11k, I could see the value. But the $17k is quite a bit for what amounts to a base model car. It is as if Mitsubishi wanted an entrant to compete with the Ford and Chevy models in the same category.

The Mitsubishi Mirage comes with a five-year/60,000-mile warranty and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, which is quite a long warranty for small cars. So if you are planning to keep the car for some time, it is worthwhile.

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