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Wedding Roadtrip with the Mitsubishi Outlander

mitsubishi outlander 2018 suv review

My sedan gets okay gas mileage and is bearable on a road trip. However, it is a 4 cylinder and just doesn’t get up to speed fast enough. And honestly, my preferred mode of transportation is an SUV when I’m driving any longer than 4 hours. So, when I knew I’d be road tripping to Tennessee, for my cousin’s wedding, I knew an SUV was important. I’m so glad I was able to partner with Mitsubishi and get the Outlander for my road trip to Tennessee.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front. If you are road tripping get that car out of Eco mode, stat! Maybe if you’re a soccer mom and you are running errands within a few miles of your home and don’t care about decent pickup and AC than this is a good feature.

But here’s what happened. The Mitsubishi Outlander was set in Econo mode by default. Though we put the AC down to 67, the car wouldn’t cool down. Plus, when you step on the gas it barely moved. In highway driving you need to accelerate quickly and it just isn’t possible in economy mode. Once we took that off, it was smooth sailing to our destination.

mid size SUV good price review

Mitsubishi 2018 Outlander mid size SUV

Things I love about the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander

Even though it isn’t huge there’s plenty of room in the Mitsubishi Outlander. Four can fit comfortably inside (we carpooled with my brother and sister in law from the hotel to the church). There’s a third row if you need it and is really easy to get in and out of.

Adjust the headlights so you aren’t blinding the person in front of you. This is a really cool feature in the Mitsubishi Outlander. So, if you are loaded down (say for a road trip) and the car is tiling up. You can adjust the level of the headlights so you aren’t blinding the person in front of you. Cool. huh?

mitsubishi outlander 2018 car suv review

You can adjust the height of the headlights on the Mitsubishi Outlander

Easy connectively to Bluetooth. No more messing around with an internal mapping system within the car. Connect your phone and use your own GPS (Waze, etc). I loved how easy the Mitsubishi Outlander bluetooth is to use and the clear calling that is available.

2018 mitsubishi outlander suv

Turn off the lane departure warning. I find the incessant beeping annoying. It’s nice to know you can turn this feature off on the Mitsubishi Outlander.

It was terrific to be able to ride in style and comfort in the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander from Atlanta to Tennessee. If you’re considering a mid sized suv, this is a good choice, with loaded version coming in at $34k.


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