Moderna Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Restaurant Review

Moderna Sandy Springs

Driving along the north side of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs is kind of deserted area. I found myself driving back and forth on this stretch of road many times struggling to get my visa to visit India last fall. Seriously, could the Indian government make this process more difficult? Anyway, it was during these numerous drives that I kept seeing Moderna Restaurant on the end of a strip mall.

calamari Moderna sandy springs

Calamari at Moderna

It piqued my interest. So, on a Saturday evening in December, I visited Moderna. A little after seven on a Saturday night the only occupants were about three staff members and a guy smoking a Hookah. The space is large and has many multi-colored lights and tv screen, making it seem more like a club than a restaurant.

We started with the calamari. While it wasn’t necessarily meaty, it was good – much better than I was expecting. Unfortunately my $8 cocktail was not. The Peach Mojito was nearly all sugar.

I ordered shrimp enchiladas for my entree and my hubs got two tacos: chicken and beef. He wanted the pork but they were all out of pork that evening. The tacos, considering they come at only $4 a piece ,were considerably larger than I had expected them to be. You can make it a combo meal for $11 by adding rice and beans, which is a good idea. No complaints about the food so far.

My entree would have been quite enjoyable had it not been cold. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold entree (that wasn’t intended to be served that way). Considering how long it took the food the come out, I wondered if it had been sitting out for a while. It was very disappointing.

moderna latin club sandy springs

Beef and chicken tacos at Moderna

After our server brought us the check, he went and sat down to eat his dinner. At the bar. Completely forgetting about us. My husband had to get up and walk over to him to pay for our meal. We won’t be going back. Moderna is not a restaurant but a club masquerading as a restaurant. Not sure why they even offer food. Save your money and go elsewhere.

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