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I’ve worked in offices that have had lunches catered by Moe’s, so I’m no stranger to their food. But when I was hosting an event for some friends to get together earlier this month, as I started to think about options and what everyone would like, I decided to use Moe’s catering for the first time.

I have to tell you, one of the best things about the catering, is the setup. No, really. There were two people that showed up from Moe’s catering about half an hour before my get together. Their bags were neatly packed with my food and they immediately got to work setting up. In a matter of about 20 minutes my dining room table went from empty to full of all the fixings for a fantastic fajita bar and then some from Moe’s catering.

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Perfectly setup food from Moe’s catering

The food warmers that were full of beans, rice and yummy brisket smelled great. But there were a couple little extras as well. Did you know you can order mac and cheese, street corn with chili lime and cotija. Oh and we also had bunuelos (cute little donut holes) for dessert! Plenty of my guests (okay, me too) couldn’t help sneaking a couple of those tasty donut holes before we had the real food. We also had peach iced tea too that came in the plastic bag for easy pouring.

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Southwest salad and the bunuelos (donut holes).

I love having friends and family over to my home, but between getting my house “company ready” and all I can’t even think about preparing a feast for a large group, let alone setting everything up and making it look pretty. So, thanks to Moe’s catering for taking this stress away. Not only did I get the food setup, but serving stuff, plates, napkins, cups and all were taken care of. So, that made cleanup easy too.

While I may be a huge foodie, I recognize that when I am hosting friends and family for a meal, I need to choose foods that everyone loves. I can easily get that accomplished by choosing Moe’s catering.

But it goes beyond that too. In addition to the flavor, the foods are divided in such a way that any vegetarians can easily dine without missing out on taste. Just look at that salad above. Though it was full of cheese, corn, black beans and hearty ingredients, it did not have any meat, perfect for my vegetarian friends. Plus the street corn and pinto beans were also vegetarian too.

Though I placed my order well in advance of my party, it’s great to know that you can have your orders put together with just a few days notice and put your mind at ease and get to the important stuff like spending time with friends and family.

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