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Muss and Turner’s Restaurant Review, Vinings, Atlanta, GA

I’ve visited Muss and Turner’s Restaurant in Vinings twice now. Muss and Turner’s is located in Vinings off of South Atlanta Road in the same shopping center as South City Kitchen, J. Christopher’s and Little Azio. Muss and Turner’s serves products sourced locally (read = lots of organics) and boasts that they make their own pasta, cut their own fries, and even make mayo in house.

The one good thing I like about dining OTP, is that you don’t have to worry about street parking or valeting. That being said, whomever planned this parking lot must not have been thinking at all. Although I went on a Sunday afternoon at 2 pm (not a particularly busy time) it was crazy ridiculous trying to find just one spot in Muss and Turner’s lot. Fortunately, I spotted someone leaving and nabbed their spot right away.

Ok, now that I’m done venting about Muss and Turner’s parking lot, on to the restaurant. Walking up to Muss and Turner’s you can’t help but notice the Big Green Egg they have situated just outside with aromas to beckon you inside. Muss and Turner’s interior, with its wooden tables and chairs and soft lighting make for a cozy feeling. Upon entering you’ll see the display cases of desserts, cheeses, etc in case you want to get something to go (it is also an upscale deli), but in my observation on both visits most diners were there to relax and enjoy a leisurely meal. The staff is very cheery and friendly and both times ushered me to my table right away.

Muss and Turner's Swifty's Sandwich

On my first visit I had the Swifty’s Dream which is basically a BBQ Pork sandwich and my dining companion had the Tuscan Raider; chicken sandwich with pesto sauce. I found both to be very tasty, but also very pricey. Around 10 bucks for a regular sized sandwich which doesn’t even come with a side? Oh wait, my mistake, it comes with your choice of pickle. Cause everyone knows a pickle counts as a side dish, right?

So, after the initial visit, I thought a return trip was in order just to sample another sandwich and see if I hadn’t judged them too hastily. Again, we had had terrific, thoughtful service by everyone we encountered from the hostess to the two servers who helped us. This time I ordered the Dooley, a pastrami sandwich with melted swiss, horseradish slaw and Russian dressing on a Challah bun. My dining companion, a vegetarian, ordered the Hummer, a sandwich made with hummus and various veggies. We also ordered a small side of fries to share. Note that a small side seems adequate for two to share.

Still feel the same way about Muss and Turner’s Restaurant. The food is tasty and definitely high quality and service is exceptional. But the prices are just too darn high for me. The taste was good but not mind blowing and it wasn’t that big considering the price. I also thought my sandwich, The Dooley could have done without the slaw. My vegetarian friend was pleased with his sandwich and he knows organics really well but 9 bucks for a sandwich with no meat? The fries were somewhat of a disappointment. Unfortunately, I found them to be more soggy rather than crispy as I had hoped for.

We did split a piece of key lime pie which was divine. It had the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Definitely a huge step up from the previous visit’s dessert. That time I had a red velvet cupcake which as completely dried out and bland tasting.

Muss and Turner's Red Velvet Cupcake

Is it really that difficult to source locally and offer some organics and keep the price somewhat in range with what most would consider normal? For example, the Egg Salad Sandwich listed on the menu is $6.50. Add two slices of bacon and you are suddenly at $9. For a freakin Egg Salad Sandwich! With NO side.

Perhaps it is just me, as Muss and Turner’s was rather full on both visits. Eating healthy is important to me, I just don’t expect to drop $30 for two sandwiches, one small side, and a shared dessert.

Pros: Fresh, organic food, friendly service
Cons: Parking Lot, High Prices

1675 Cumberland Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30080
(770) 434-1114

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