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Nail polish color – glitz and glam colors for dark skin

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Ladies (and men too who wear nail polish), if you have darker skin like me, have you noticed that there are a lot of shades or polish that are just not flattering for our darker skin? I have bought countless nail polish colors in the store only to come home, try them out and find that they just don’t look right one me. Or, I end up putting one shade on top of another to get the look I desire.

Disclosure: I was sent these polish colors complimentary but the opinions expressed are my own.

I recently discovered Zoya nail polish and am enjoying the colors.

zoya nail polish teal

Zoya teal color nail polish



Right now this teal color for dark skin tones is my favorite in my numerous collection of nail colors.

I’m obsessed with teal colors lately. I tried two teal samples from Zoya: one a dark teal (pictured at the top of this page) and one a light teal (perfect for spring and summer!) See picture above. I wore this color on several beach vacations last year and it was perfect! Surprisingly, I found the color to coordinate well with lots of the items I packed for my trip too!

zoya nail polish dark teal fall Roamilicious

Dark teal / green looks quite different in light vs. dark.

The darker teal from Zoya’s nail polish collection, was pretty too and this nail color is perfect for dark skin tones. I was surprised just how different the color looked in different light. For example in darker light, this teal looks almost black. Perhaps it would be better if I just put one coat on instead of two.

Cupcake Polish – glitz and color changing polish for dark skin


Cupcake polish is perfect for dark skin colors

I just discovered Cupcake Polish and am in love with their nail polish. I thought I’d given up actual polish in favor of nail strips, but this lovely polish has lured me back with the promise of beautiful nail color and long lasting color for my darker skin.

While glitter polish isn’t new, what is are the flecks of color that come in some of the unique varieties. Some of the polish colors for Cupcake Polish come in iridescent colors like the Teal color below with flakes of pink and gold. Just think how amazing this will look in the sunshine. 


Cupcake Polish colors are $13 each.They are made in small batches. You can order the polish here

Nude color perfect for dark skin tones – when you are looking for neutral tones.



Love this nude color nail polish for a dark skin tone

Have you heard of Zoya’s pixie dust colors? I’m not usually a sparkly kind of nail polish wearer, but some of the colors are intriguing and the color looks nice on dark skin colors. But can I tell you the thing I like best about the pixie dust nail polish from Zoya? It is really forgiving? What do I mean by that? You know how you put a couple coats on and think the polish is dry, then the second you touch something, your polish is smeared? That won’t happen with the pixie dust polish. Since this nail polish is matte and not glossy, imperfections don’t show up.


zoya pixie dust nail polish Roamilicious

Even some bright colors like this Pixie dust from Zoya look good on darker skin.


Shortly after applying two coats if the Zooey (bright coral color), I was able to take a shower and my nails still looked great! I love this sparkly nail color to change up my colors and give it more of a pop of color!




So, are you ready to try these nail colors that compliment dark skin tones? What is your favorite nail polish color – do you like the sparkly (pixie dust) or regular colors better?

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