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Definitive guide to using nail strips [find which nail wrap brand is right for you]


Who doesn’t want dazzling nails at a cheap cost? But which is right for you?

What are nails strips / Nail Wraps?

Nail strips, like they sound, are actually stickers that you adhere to your nails. Several companies have launched since the pandemic started starting some fierce competition in the nail art world. Nail strips are made of real nail polish and have good adhesion. The have the appearance of nail polish.

Who are nail strips good for?

Nail strips are good for those who don’t enjoy applying polish and waiting for it to dry. Even with a top coat applied, nails can take a bit to dry. With nail strips you can just apply them and be on the go. Nail strips are also a great choice for those who want the fancy salon look of nail art but don’t want to pay the salon prices. Another benefit is that for those are concerned about going out you can order nail strips online and have them delivered to your home.

What kind of colors do nail strips come in?

Nail strips come in solid colors, glitter, colors and everything in between. Nail art like holiday styles, patriotic styles or even sports teams can be found in nail strips. Personally, I stick to the solid and glitter colors. I’m not a huge fan of the nail art as much, but for those who like it, this is an affordable way to get many detailed designs for a fraction of the price than what you would pay at a nail salon.

What are the costs associated with nail strips / nail wraps?

Nail strips vary in cost greatly. They can be anywhere from three bucks to $12 plus shipping. As the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

How do you apply nail strips / nail wraps?

Begin in much the same way you would start to apply nail polish. Rid your nails of any excess polish, buff them for a smooth surface and file them into the shape you want them. From there just take the nail size that most closely fits your nail and stick it on.

Press down any creases using your nails and really make sure the adhesion is tight. If there is any of the nail strip that really doesn’t stick or you find it sticking up on a corner, take it off and start over, otherwise it is going to chip off sooner vs later.

After you are done applying the strips, fold the excess over the nail and file down and the excess should start to break away and you can simply peel off the extra nail strip piece. The nail is already dry so you should apply the top coat (if using).

The Best Nail Strips / Nail Wraps

Color Street ($11.99 each)


Color Street nail strips in Sahara Desert

Color choices – they have a ton of choices with this popular nail art fashion, but many seem to be out of stock continually. But you may be able to find what you need if you get in touch with a color street specialist. Think of them like the modern day Avon or Mary Kay sellers. They seem to have access to colors that are listed as out of stock. That’s how I was able to get the Sahara Desert and Night in Ibiza. I will say that the color that you see on the website is not always a great indicator of how it will look in person. For example the Night in Ibiza color looks to have purple blue and green sparkles on the website, but when delivered it was just a bright purple color. I did love the black sparkle though and Sahara Desert.

Time Colorstreet nail wraps lasted: I’ve only tested these nails strips WITHOUT a top coat because that’s how they advertise them to work. And they still lasted five days, so I think that is pretty good for nail strips without applying a top coat. I also found them to have less chipping than other varieties.

Overall, these nail strips from Color Street are the best quality nail strips for overall use. You can feel the difference in adhesion right away between these and the lower quality nail strips. And while a bit pricier than other brands, they still come in at less than a nail tech would charge to apply nail art at a salon.

how to use nail wraps easy manicure

Updated to add I highly recommend Lily & Fox nail wraps. I would say they are on the same level as Colorstreet. Read my Lily & Fox review here.

Better Nail Strips / Nail Wraps

Lovely Hello Nail Strips / Wraps  (start at $3.00 each) free shipping on orders of $15 or more. 

I love how this nail wrap company started. It was a woman who couldn’t find the nail wrap designs so she started her own company. Amy is based in Ohio and has a lovely selection of nail strips that just seems to keep growing and growing. This is a super site for those who truly enjoy a variety of nail art options. And the price is quite affordable.


With Lovely Hello nail strips you get free shipping on orders of $15 or more

Color choices – On this site I found the glitter color choices to be my favorite, but keep in mind I am not really looking at nail art as much as solid colors and glitter nails. I feel they do a good job of the color staying true to what you see on the website. I ordered a Rose gold glitter, Navy glitter, Devilish red and what they call Rainbow Disco.

Time nail strips lasted: The first time I tried these nails, I put them on without a top coat. Fast forward to four hours and one hot shower later and they had all peeled off. So, I then realized that a top coat is a must with these nail wraps. With a top coat you can expect about four to five days but there will likely be some chipping.


Lovely Hello Nail wraps are affordable and long-lasting

Overall I like these nails if for no other reason than the price. At three bucks, you can get free shipping if you order five sets. A couple times I checked back on the site and found that they were out of stock of the Devilish red which is a beautiful color. But just a few short days and they seemed to be back.

Good (Acceptable) Nail Strips / Nail Wraps (wear for a couple days)

Eunoia Nail ($5.99 each) free shipping with 3 or more nail strips / nail wraps ordered.

I truly struggled with these Eunoia nails. I ordered three sets because if you order two, the third is free. I ordered a crimson color, black and navy nail art strips. I liked their selection of solid colors.
Color choices: Overall I only looked at the solids and glitters. I think the selection of solids was really good, but the glitter selection was disappointing and I didn’t order any of those. The one thing I really liked is that the colors were the most true to what is displayed on the website. Navy really looked like navy. Another site I ordered “navy” nails from were more of a royal blue.

Time nails strips lasted: these nails lasted the shortest amount of time – 3 days. And that is with a top coat on. Don’t even think about using them without a top coat.

Overall, they were just okay, but I would not likely order them again. The first set I tried on was a bit flimsy and started tearing up while I was trying to remove them from the backing. But I attributed that to the fact that I was new to nail strips. The second set applied much better, but still started to tear off after just several days.

Best tips for applying nail strips / nail wraps:

  • Make sure that your nails are clean and free of any residual polish. Really get all that old nail polish off.
  • Push your cuticles back and buff your nails. You want a smooth surface for applying the nail strips.
  • Make sure to really go over all your nails with alcohol to remove any excess oils and make sure they are completely dry before trying to add the strips.
  • When applying the nail strip, don’t apply it and take it off too many times to adjust it as that takes away from the ability to stick to the nail. Think about it if you were to put a sticker on a piece of paper and pull it up and adjust it. It won’t stick as well the second time.
  • Don’t get your nails wet for as long as possible – like at least a couple hours. And don’t have a shower for at least 8 hours after applying.
  • Put a top coat on your nails. For several of these brands that is the only way you are going to get the five day last.

Nail wraps are good for those who like nail art and are looking for a DIY option to either save money or because they don’t want to venture out to a salon. You may be lucky enough to get your nail wraps to last for up to one full week with a top coat applied. The good news is they do stay shiny.

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