New and secondary housing in Alicante, Spain

Real estate is generally divided into new and secondary segments. Both large groups have certain benefits and drawbacks, which sometimes can be subtle and not obvious. For this reason, most buyers have to face the complicated question – is it better to buy a new villa in Alicante in Spain or an accommodation from the secondary market? In this article, we will discuss which segment appears more advantageous for buyers and what opportunities it provides. 

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Advantages of secondary housing in Alicante 

In Spain, the purchase of secondary housing usually involves buying a furnished villa or apartment. The advantages of this option are obvious:

  • You can move in almost immediately after the transaction.
  • If some elements of the interior will need to change, it will be possible to do so while already living in the apartment, being able to choose carefully and without rushing.
  • More opportunities for choice. On the secondary market, you can choose an apartment in any area. Yes, in the center they will cost a little more, but there are different offers to meet any taste and money. 

Disadvantages of secondary housing in Alicante 

Along with benefits provided by accommodation from the secondary market, there are several unpleasant facts:

  • Over the years, the apartment may have changed a dozen owners, so the legal purity remains in doubt. There is a need for a thorough inspection of the property.
  • In old houses there are often problems with communications. It is better to look for a house after the major renovation.
  • In new buildings, apartments are bought mostly by young middle-class families. In old houses live a variety of people. You can end up with an unpleasant neighborhood

Advantages of new housing in Alicante 

One of the undeniable advantages of a new villa or an apartment is its perfect condition. Nobody has lived there yet, therefore it provides a feeling of cleanliness and novelty. Among other important benefits, we can distinguish the following:

  • Lower payments for utilities. 

All modern residences in Spain are built according to the system of energy-efficiency. Therefore, such an approach decreases the payments. 

  • Already-finished property. 

In Spain, most new houses are commissioned ready to move in. This means that inside the walls have already been painted, tiles have been laid, the necessary plumbing has been installed and the kitchen is fully equipped. Often, as a bonus, the developer installs air conditioning in the room or provides a discount on furniture or electrical appliances.  

  • Safety of a deal.

All the payments made by a buyer go to a specialized allocated back account. The developer does not have access to the funds before the delivery of an object. The back provides a developer with a necessary sum of money according to the development plan and specifically for stated needs. 

  • Absence of hidden issues.

Real estate in a new building delivered right for the owner eliminates the possible problems with debts of the previous owner. Such unpleasant issues may appear if you purchase a villa or an apartment on the secondary market. 

Disadvantages of new housing in Alicante 

  • Among the disadvantages of primary housing, probably the main is the impossibility of rapid relocation and registration, as a new building must be completed and delivered by the developer.
  • In the latter stages of construction, the number of apartments decreases. Therefore, another disadvantage will be a limited choice at an inflated price.
  • Adjacent construction sites and constant renovations by neighbors create not the most comfortable conditions for living. Noise, dirt, and garbage speak for themselves.

Final word 

Both new and secondary housing in Alicante have advantages and drawbacks. New developments appear more beneficial and offer longer working life than secondary housing. However, the choice of an apartment or a villa greatly depends on the purpose and preferences of a purchase. The official website Spain-Real.Estate provides a huge collection of housing units to any taste and budget from both segments. The trusted real estate agencies represented on the website will help to perform a successful transaction and follow a buyer on each stage of a deal.

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