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Teela Taqueria, Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA

Teela Taqueria Sandy Springs

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Located in the City Walk center, Teela Taqueria is just the kind of place that Sandy Springs needed. Owned by South African transplant, Arty Antoniades, she also owns the adjacent Tin Can Fish House (seafood) next door. Order off either menu at either restaurant during weekdays. Neat, huh?

Specialty drinks here are their mojitos and margaritas. No one in our party ordered mojitos instead sticking with margaritas. I has a spicy pineapple and jalapeno infused margarita for my first drink and it completely hit the spot, without being too potent.

Teela Taqueria Sandy Springs review

Teela Taqueria dip trio

Our evening started off with the trio of salsa, guacamole, and cheese dip ($8.50). It’s pretty hearty and may be more than enough if there are just two of you. Yes, you have to pay for chips and salsa. As a taqueria, everything is a la carte.  Keep in mind this is a Teela Taqueria charges only about three or four bucks per taco, not a Mexican restaurant that charges $7 – $10 per meal.

The guacamole is incredibly fresh and has a spicy kick to it. Plus the chips are sprinkled with a tasty peppered spice as well. Between the guac and the cheese dip, you might just fill up on these and not have room for the tacos. So tread…er…eat lightly.

Teela Taqueria Sandy Springs

Tacos at Teela Taqueria: Mole Chicken, Thai, Chorizo and Southern BLT

Being a seafood lover, I opted for the Bang Bang Shrimp (shrimp with a chili aioli) on past visits. And it has not disappointed. This time I changed it up a bit with the Thai taco with a sweet coconut sauce.  The Southern BLT taco was decent – bacon, lettuce and fried green (that’s where the Southern part comes in) tomatoes with feta cheese and smokey chili aoili, but I preferred the other tacos over it. Also, I wish they had crumbled the bacon into the taco instead of leaving them in strips on top.

A highlight of our group was the Chorizo taco.  The marriage of flavors is divine. The spicy chorizo, salty feta, and sweet dates are a perfect blend. I hear good things about the brisket, which I plan to try next time. All tacos range in price from $2.95 to $3.95.

Flan at Teela Taqueria

Flan dessert at Teela Taqueria

I really wanted to have the Tres Leches Cake as I remembered how much I loved it on previous visits, AND I talked other ladies in the group into it. Unfortunately, there were out of it and we settled on the flan, which was good but paled in comparison to memories of Teela Taqueria’s tres leches cake, moist and sweet but not too sweet.

Upon first glance, the restaurant may appear small, but there is an additional room for seating at Teela Taqueria which was completely full by the time I was leaving. And the outdoor patio has a fair amount of tables as well. Plus, there’s a live band on Wednesdays.

227 Sandy Spring Place
Suite 506
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Disclosure: Our meal at Teela Taqueria was complimentary as part of our membership in the Association of Food Bloggers.

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