The Bruery launches a new saison beer

bruery -Saison Ardennes beer

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Bruery Terreux – (Orange County, CA) focuses on and explores the sour and wild side of beer.

Here’s what the Bruery says about their new saison beer:

At Bruery Terreux, we channel nature for inspiration and participation in crafting both traditional and new takes on farmhouse-style ales, including Belgian-style saisons, tart wheat beers and oak-aged fruited sours.

I got to try a sample of their new release, Saison Ardennes. Saison Ardennes is a tart saison, sipping like a classic Belgian-style farmhouse ale. The beer is floral with a hint of spice. The Bruery puts this beer through a six-month fermentation and maturation in a large oak foeders previously used for wine in Santa Rosa, California. According to the saison beer’s packaging, “It’s a bottle of beer that will pleasantly evolve over time, thanks to the presence of wild yeast added for bottle conditioning.” However, I’ll won’t know as I’ve already consumed my bottle sent to me by the brewery, or should I say, The Bruery?

The beer will be available in 375-ml. bottles and on tap in nearly 30 states throughout the country, starting this month – here’s how to find bottles where our beer is distributed. Bottles are also available on but only ship within CA.

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