Foraging for nuts: Nut Job 2 movie review

The Nut Job 2 opens August 11th – here’s what to expect

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature features Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl (returning from The Nut Job), Jackie Chan and Maya Rudolph. The movies finds the gang of squirrels, mice, rats, and other rodents battling the evil mayor who has decided to bulldoze Liberty Park and build a dangerous amusement park in its place.

Disclosure: Our movie tickets were complimentary.

The Nut Job 2 movie opens with some plump and lazy squirrels feasting on nuts from the nut factory. With this seemingly endless supply of nuts, there’s no need to hunt and gather. But Andie (Katherine Heigl), vows to never eat those nuts, preferring to forage for her own food supply as nature intended and teach a younger generation to do the same.

After an explosion shuts down the factory, the guys must return to the park and search for food once again. But there’s just one problem. The mayor has ordered the park demolished and replaced with an amusement park. Surly and animal friends band together to save their home and take back the park in the Nut Job 2 movie.

The Nut Job movie has some good lessons for kids:

  • Taking the easy way can come to an abrupt halt, so it is good to work hard and be prepared.
  • Working together as a team, much more can be accomplished than as individuals.
  • Lethargy and laziness will catch up to you sooner than you think.

If you think product placement doesn’t happen in cartoon movies, you’re wrong. There was at least one shot featuring Blue Diamond nuts. In fact, they were the company that invited me to attend this advance screening of the Nut Job 2. Though a cartoon movie isn’t what I’d normally go for, I was excited by the promise of a steady supply of Blue Diamond nuts before and after the movie. Sadly, there were no nuts provided at all. Guess Blue Diamond just wanted us humans to go foraging too.

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