Best dog halloween costumes [for big dogs or little dogs]

dog batman costume

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you got your dog’s costume picked out? Here are some ideas.

How cute is this Batman costume? I was in Savannah, GA last year and took some pictures during their doggie day Halloween! Check out these options:

halloween costume doggie

I saw this little guy hopping along on the sidewalk in Savannah with only three legs. He had such perseverance and his owner was so happy. Click for a link to buy this costume.


halloween costume mexican dog

Look at this guy! He only has one eye but that isn’t holding him back! He was winning the hearts of everyone around him. Click to buy this costume.

cowboy dog costume

Cowboy dog halloween costume

Maybe you just love cowboys. That’s cool. Dressing up like twinsies to match your furry friend wouldn’t be that hard wither. Find a similar costume here.

Of course some owners really don’t want to miss out on any of the fun. And I can’t blame them. Just look at this adorable Flintstone couple we spotted walking down the street in Savannah last year.

dog halloween costumes

Flinstones halloween costumes


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