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Planning a summer barbecue

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Summer barbecues can be the height of your company’s event calendar, with many people excited to celebrate a year of hard work, network with other employees, and reward themselves for their hard work. Not only this, but summer barbecues can be a great chance for employers to motivate their employees through celebrating their achievements, meeting their goals, and their role in the success of the business.

1. Hire Good Caterers

If you want to give your employees an incentive and motivate them to perform well over the year, holding a barbecue is a great way to do so. Everyone loves food, and hiring the best caterers and entertainment will encourage employees to turn up to your barbecue. Not only this, but whether the food is of high quality can make or break the enjoyment of your work do. Before you discuss foods, you should send out allergy and dietary requirement forms to every employee to make sure that you are able to prepare the appropriate food so that everyone can get equal enjoyment from the event. To ensure that there is food for everyone to enjoy, you should plan the catering far in advance by booking events caterers with Eco Caters, who have the knowledge and experience to make sure that no-one goes away hungry.

2. Get Employees Involved in Organization

To make your employees feel valued and to create an event that everyone will enjoy, if you do not have the time to make appropriate arrangements, you should create a trusted and reliable events committee who are passionate and skilled at organizing the barbecue in your stead. Doing so can help to improve employee morale by ensuring that everyone has an active part in the organization and that they feel included in the preparation of the event. This team can be in charge of everything from discussing a budget for your event, the entertainment you choose, and the team building activities that you decide upon. They will also be able to find a suitable venue as they will have a wider audience on where the best location will be from an employee perspective, whether that be at work or in a central and easily accessible location. To work out a budget, they should ask for quotes from any exterior companies such as DJs and caterers, work out the costs of extras such as decorations and entertainment, and estimate how much each element of the barbecue will cost.

3. Make Sure All Employees Can Attend

When organizing this barbecue, it is also important to decide on an appropriate date for your employees to ensure that everyone is able to attend. There is nothing worse for employee morale than if a large proportion of your team is unable to attend due to work commitments when the rest of their team are having fun. You should make sure that the date does not clash with any big company events or meetings to enable as many employees as possible can attend if they want to. This will prevent a diminishing in employee motivation that may occur if people are not able to attend such an important event on the work social calendar. In terms of time, if your employees work shifts, you should make sure that this is at a time that most people can attend and yet is not so late that people will have to leave in order to get an early night to go to work the next day.

Not only this but why not improve your employee’s morale even further by deciding to hold your summer barbeque during working hours? This can help to improve motivation for your employees and encourage people to attend by allowing employees to have an extra afternoon off without losing pay or having to worry about other priorities such as childcare. You may even consider extending these working hours further to implement summer working hours during the season which allows your employees to finish earlier in the day or have extra time off a week to allow for other commitments.

4. Hold an Awards Ceremony

To make sure that your event celebrates a year of hard work for your employees and encourages them to work well throughout the year, you should consider holding an awards ceremony at your summer barbecue that can reward and acknowledge your employee’s hard work. During this, you will be able to pair your employee’s targets and goals that you have discussed at quarterly meetings with your barbeque by rewarding those who have effectively met their objectives and performed well throughout the year. Not only can you give out awards, but you can also showcase prizes and incentives such as day trips or holidays, which can give your employees a renewed motivation and ensure that your barbeque an additional purpose.

5. Use Your Event as an Incentive

By holding a barbecue, you can reward your employees for their hard work and show that you, as a company, care about their welfare. Events like these improve both employee welfare and motivation by giving employees an event to look forward to that is associated with work, and you should make sure that it is a high point on the calendar by making it as successful as possible. Events can be used to boost staff morale by giving everyone something to look forward to and to round off the season with an event that allows employees to take an evening off to de-stress and have fun with their colleagues.

6. Set Team Building Activities

However, just because an event is fun and enjoyable for your employees, this does not mean that it cannot have any advantages for you. By setting team building activities such as games and entertainment, you will be able to improve the bond between your employees which can help your workplace to have a more positive atmosphere, enable the success of group projects and procedures, and make your employees more efficient and better at problem-solving. Fun team building games include activities such as scavenger hunts and water fights, and you could even pair your summer barbecue with a day trip to events such as paintballing and other popular team activities.

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