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Podcast: Trans-Americas Journey 10th Anniversary

trans-americas journey 10 years

The Mother of all Road Trips: Trans-Americas Journey

Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl have been traveling for 10 years throughout the Americas. We caught up with them in Chile where they shared the ups and downs of traveling non-stop and what it is truly like to not just be a traveler but a travel journalist. Note: All photography in this post is credit: Eric Mohl.

Karen Catchpole and Erc Mohl have been featured on CNN, National Geographic, Fodor’s, Slate, Travel & Leisure and more.  In this podcast, they discuss their 10 year travel journey throughout the Americas. They’ll tell us what to do to avoid the “Gringo Ghettos” and where their favorite spots on the journey have been.

Here are some highlights from our podcast on the Trans-Americas Journey –

  • Human experiences are the greatest of all adventures.
  • The difficulty of navigating visas.
  • Rodeos in Chile? Yep. They did that.
  • Do you have bucket list items? Not really and here’s why…
  • Retiring in South America? Avoid the “Gringo Ghettos” they say.
  • Quit your job, hit the road and become a travel writer? Think again.

And here are some interesting stats from their 10 year journey:

  • Days on the Road – 3,578
  • Miles Driven – 178,059 (7.1 times around the earth or 64.2 NYC -> LA trips)
  • Countries Visited – 16 (out of 23 countries in The Americas)
    US, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina

Listen to the podcast on the Trans-Americas 10 year anniversary (30 minutes):

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