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Pontoon Rental Lake Lanier (everything you need to know about this boat rental + pricing)


What is a lake trip without a boat? One of the best ways to get around on Lake Lanier in Georgia is on a Pontoon boat. If you are thinking about a Lake Lanier Pontoon rental you have come to the right place. Let me share my experience of renting a pontoon rental at Lake Lanier. 

I started googling different companies to rent a pontoon from. It was surprising that of all the ones I reached out to, only two companies even bothered to respond to a message for a boat rental. I was stunned at how many of these companies are poorly run. But luckily we had a fantastic experience renting from Lanier Boat Charter. 

Should I rent a Pontoon on Lake Lanier or a Tritoon? 

First things first, most people are familiar with Pontoon boats but have not heard of Tritoons. Tritoons are really the way to go when you are going to be on the water. They seem to be much more stable than pontoon boats especially when the water is rough you will notice the difference. 

Watch our video from Pontoon Boat Rental Lake Lanier:

Our experience couldn’t have been easier or more seamless to rent a boat. And don’t you love it when companies under promise and over deliver? We got our Pontoon for Lake Lanier…oops…I meant Tritoon on Friday evening and Lanier Boat Charter let us hang onto the boat until Sunday afternoon. Of course, we visited Lake Lanier during the off season. You might not get this if you are visiting during peak summer months. 

More than that, because we had a dock at our AirBnB rental on Lake Lanier in Flowery Branch, they dropped our boat to us, so we were free to enjoy more family down time at the rental instead of heading to a busy marina to pickup a boat and navigate back to the house / struggle to find the right dock (it is harder than you might think)! It took about 20 minutes to go through everything we needed to know about driving the boat instructions from the crew that dropped it off. Plus, everyone at Lanier Boat Charter was so friendly and enthusiastic. 

We took our boat out for a leisurely afternoon jaunt on Saturday, but it was so nice to it was there if we wanted to get up earlier to go. 

What do I need to do to be able to drive a Pontoon boat or any boat on Lake Lanier?

You need to be at least 25 years old to rent and drive a boat on lake lanier. The other thing you will need to do to rent a pontoon on lake lanier is to take a boating quiz and pass. Don’t worry, the rest is pretty simple. Most companies have you watch a video right from their site and answer about 20 questions. My father in law got 100 on the test and was our captain for the weekend. 

We had a blast with this Tritoon (upgrade of a Pontoon) boat rental

What if I don’t want to drive the pontoon boat on Lake Lanier? Is there such a thing as a Lake Lanier boat rental with Captain? 

That’s fine too. You can charter a boat on Lake Lanier. You can either go to the marina where the company is located or some will even come pick you up if you have a dock at your Lake Lanier rental house or AirBnb on Lake Lanier. 

This works well if you have about a dozen passengers or less in your group. The cost will be about $100 per hour with a minimum of at least 2 hours on the water. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: the fee does not include gas for your boat ride.

What if I have more people? Can I rent a party boat on Lake Lanier instead of a pontoon boat? 

Party boat rental Lake Lanier, photo credit: Lanier Boat Charter

You sure can. Lanier Boat Charter offers party boat rentals nearly year round. They are becoming quite popular for weddings, graduations, bachelor parties and even office parties. You should make sure to book in advance as these types of boat rentals will be more popular during peak times of year. The cost of a party boat rental starts at $1200 for 4 hours. 

What is the cost for different kinds of boat rentals on Lake Lanier? 

Lake Lanier Boat Rental Prices

Tritoon boat rentals $200 – $300 (4 hours)

                                 $350 – $400 (8 hours)

                                $600 – $700 (24 hours)

Boat with captain starts at $200 (minimum 2 hours)

Party Boat $1200 for 4 hours 

Yacht on Lake Lanier starts at $900 for half day and goes up from there.

Lanier Boatch charter can also help you if you are interested in Lake Lanier jet ski rental. 

Bonus: If you are a fan of the show Ozark you need to go on their Ozark boat tour! It’s a deal at only 20 bucks and you can easily add it on to your rental. One of the coolest things we did was getting a short tour of some of the filming locations of Ozark. From our dock in Flowery Branch or if you left from the Lanier Boat Charter Marina you would be about 5 minutes away from the Byrd house. You will also get to see the the water where the baby Zeke was baptized, the dock where Ruth electrocuted her uncle and so much more! 

No matter what kind of boat your need for Lake Lanier – Pontoon, Tritoon, Party Boat, or even a chartered boat, Lanier Boat Charter has you covered. Fall is a fantastic time to rent a boat on Lake Lanier with fewer crowds.

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