Porsche Driving Experience, Atlanta, GA Review

On display at the museum at the PEC Atlatna is the Porsche 356A

On display at the museum at the PEC Atlatna is the Porsche 356A

In case you were wondering, the correct pronunciation is “Poor-sha.” The Porsche Driving Experience is relatively new to Atlanta, completed in early 2015. In addition to a heart-pounding driving track, there’s also a lovely restaurant, a driving simulator and even a museum including the first ever Porsche to be sold in the United States, the 356A, sold in 1956.


Race your besties in the Porsche simulator experience.

Even if you don’t drive a Porsche there is still plenty to do and see. One way to get your heart pumping without getting on the actual track is via virtual track. You have the options of racing with other drivers in 30-minute sessions.


A peak at the Porsche track in Atlanta

Porsche’s outdoor driving track is 1.6 miles and allows you to get up to speeds of 100+ MPH. Although some experiences allow for you to be a passenger in the car, others allow for you to be drive yourself as well. I had a VERY abbreviated tour (like 2 laps around the Porsche track). I didn’t get to drive but sat in the passenger seat with an experienced driver. Though it got my adrenaline pumping, it was over in the blink of an eye. Prices start at $300 for 90-minute sessions.



The Porsche Driving Experience Center is located near the airport and the driving experiences are open Tuesday through Saturday with some holiday Sundays. You must be at least 21 to drive the cars.

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