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9 Tips to Prepare for Mosquito Season


Mosquito bites may cause serious diseases, such as dengue fever and malaria. They also trigger discomfort due to itching and limping. Some people may even have a solid reaction to these bites, causing their skin to swell and become sore. Because of this, people look for ways to protect themselves against these insects. 

Mosquitoes thrive during late spring, summer, and early fall. These are the seasons where the humidity is high, ideal for mosquitoes’ booming population. Suppose you want to avoid these insects. In that case, you may need to read this article to have some ideas on preparing for the mosquito season.

1. Prepare Mosquito Repellent And Soothing Cream

Before the mosquito season comes, you may need to purchase effective mosquito repellents and soothing creams. The former typically contains DEET and picaridin that drive away biting pests, like mosquitoes. On the other hand, soothing cream reduces itch, irritation, and discomfort to bitten parts.

In choosing these products, you may consider those containing hypoallergenic ingredients. You may also opt for those with moisturizing qualities. You may try vitamin-enriched products, such as Dermeleve, if you prefer to soothe and moisturize your skin at the same time.

2. Get Rid Of Standing Water to avoid mosquitos

Rain may happen any time of the year and leave puddles of water anywhere. Because of this, you may find standing water in old tires, birdbaths, vases, and trash bin covers. These, in turn, become an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. In most cases, mosquitoes start to populate in standing water that’s existed for more than a week.

For this reason, you may need to turn the objects with standing water upside down. For wide spaces covered with water, you may need to drain them. You may also have the option to hide the puddles of water with soil or sand. Check roofs, ceilings, or pipes that may also cause standing water.

3. Clean The Yard to avoid unwanted mosquitos

To prevent mosquitoes from thriving on your property, you may need to clean your yard regularly and thoroughly. You may need to throw away old tires, bottles, and jars to do this. If you find eggs and larvae in some spaces, you better cover them with soil. You may also need to get rid of bottle caps as these are also ideal for mosquitoes. 

If you have water features at home, you may need to ensure their continuous flow as mosquitoes prefer stagnant water. You may also need to remove mosquito-attracting plants, such as taro and water lilies. You may also need to keep your grass short as mosquitoes like to stay in tall grass.

If you camp within your property, it’s essential to prepare the right way. For this purpose, you may spray insect repellent in your yard. Just use organic products to avoid triggering allergies or causing skin irritation. 

4. Keep Gutters Clean And Drained – they attract mosquitos

Remove the fallen leaves and straws that may be present in the gutters. In many cases, these may harden and build up, blocking water flow. As a result, mosquitoes could lay their eggs in the gutters. To address this, you can use a trowel or gutter scoop to remove the debris and let the water flow.

To ensure that the gutter won’t be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, you may need to clean it every two weeks before the start of the mosquito season. You may also need to clean it instantly right after rainy days and winter.

5. Install Mosquito Netting

To prevent mosquitoes from entering your house, you may install mosquito netting in your windows. You may also consider applying mesh to your deck and patio, especially if your family likes to stay in these spaces. You need to select hard-to-tear materials and whose holes are tiny enough to trap the insects.

6. Buy Citronella Candles

Citronella candles can mask the odors that attract mosquitoes. Because of this, you may place some citronella candles in the areas that mosquitoes frequent. You may also light these products where your family or visitors stay most of the time.

7. Purchase Clothing With Long Sleeves if your attract mosquitos

You may also consider buying long-sleeved clothing to avoid mosquito bites since these insects typically bite your limbs. You may also need to purchase hoodies to protect your nape and neck from bites. In addition, you may opt for thick materials that these insects may not penetrate.

8. Keep Fish In Ponds – without them they are a mosquito haven

Ponds without fish tend to be breeding places for mosquitoes. Fish usually eat mosquitoes and their eggs, so having them is an excellent way to avoid mosquito growth. You may need to keep the fish growing and multiplying to cover all of the pond’s area for better results. 

9. Hire A Pro to get rid of mosquitos

If mosquitoes infest your property, you may consider calling a professional cleaner to do most of the preparation. You may ask to cut twigs and branches where mosquitoes may live once the humidity is high. The cleaner may also dump soil into stagnant water and similar spaces.

In some cases, professional cleaners may even suggest a proven mosquito population control method that suits your needs and property. Some of these are releasing predatory insects in your yard and removing algae in your water features.

In choosing a professional cleaner, you may consider those with a vast array of tools, such as a trowel, shovel, and rubbish transport vehicle. You may also need to think about the cleaner’s various services, such as pressure washing and mosquito traps.

Many property owners consider mosquitoes as some of the peskiest pests at home. While they grow any time of the year, they can thrive at an alarming rate during late spring, summer, and early fall. Use these helpful tips to avoid the pesky mosquitos.

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