Raise the Macallan: A Whiskey Tasting

By Kelley Musson

I would definitely say that I’m a girl who can truly appreciate a quality cocktail. I tend to bounce around when it comes to my choice drink. Or better yet, I believe certain drinks are designated for certain occasions. Example: A glass of merlot is idea for some couch time after a long day of work; vodka being a better happy hour beverage that will put some pep in your step; and sauvignon blanc is great for any casual daytime scene.

This past spring actually – my best friend and I decided that we needed to switch to a big girl drink. After much consideration, we went with whiskey. We took baby steps into the whiskey pool and decided to try sweeter versions to start with. We tried the honey and maple flavored whiskey, which were really good, but ultimately too sweet. Unfortunately, flavored alcohol tends to be filled with tons of extra sugar. So, we went back to basics and grew to enjoy pure, unadulterated whiskey…on the rocks.

So, when I attended a celebration of Macallan Whiskey, I knew I was in for a fantastic evening. Upon arriving, I was surprised to see the amount of people there. As soon as I entered the room I was given a glass of the Macallan 18. I could smell the vanilla and cinnamon undertones, which is what I look for in my whiskey of choice, and sipped slowly. Very smooth. Two sips through, we were lead to the sitting area where the tasting would take place. We were seated at tables that sat between 8-10 people, which were equipped with ipads that had Macallan trivia.

macallan whiskeyThe Macallan brand ambassador was awesome! He was entertaining, extremely informative, and completely involved with the audience. We started off with the Macallan 10. I was wondering how it was going to compare with the 18 that I had first sampled. It had a flavor that was particularly fruity, but it also had an oak like flavor which tended to linger. Personally, not my favorite.

Next we sampled the Macallan 12, which is a 12 year Spanish oak whiskey. Like the 18, the 12 had those vanilla undertones that I really like. It also had a hint of ginger which added a pleasant flavor. The Macallan 12 would have been perfect if it was served on the rocks. The host informed us that different ways of drinking whiskey would bring out different flavors in each individual blend. But no matter what you mix with it, whether it with water or on the rocks, or even coke, a good whiskey should never be overshadowed by its chaser.

Up next was the Macallan 15. I noticed this one had a unique color and smell compared to the other samples. The Macallan had a full aroma, and hints of cinnamon. We were served these amazing orange flavored chocolates which was great to accompany the 15. All of the samples were of an amazing quality and taste that my palate had never been exposed to.

The last sample was of the 18, which I got to try upon my arrival. The Macallan 18 was a light mahogany color. The aroma stood out specifically which was incredible: vanilla, ginger, small hints of citrus and dried fruit, and cinnamon. I would have to say that this one (with close competition with the Macallan 12) was my favorite sample of the evening.

The evening ended with everyone standing together saying our final cheer, saluting the remarkable Macallan brand. I think I’ve found my new favorite night cap.

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