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Ray’s Killer Creek, Alpharetta, Atlanta, GA Restaurant Review

Ray’s Killer Creek Restaurant located in Alpharetta, is part of the Ray’s Restaurant group which also includes Ray’s In The City and the flagship restaurant Ray’s on the River. It had been about 10 years since I’d eaten at Ray’s Killer Creek. So, when I was invited to check Killer Creek out, I was more than happy to oblige.

Killer Creek is located off Mansell Road near North Point Mall and there is overkill in the amount of chain restaurants that abound in this vicinity. So, it is a welcome change that Ray’s Killer Creek sets itself above the rest. Having said that, prices are a bit above other restaurants in the area. And servers are decked out in jackets and ties. Business casual dress code is noted on Killer Creek’s website, but I saw many patrons who ignored that request. Killer Creek even has it’s own wine cellar. See pic below.

I could have done without the valet. Come on, this is Alpharetta guys, not Buckhead, but whatever. Walking inside the freestanding restaurant, I immediately noticed just how big the restaurant is. The bar area is rather large, even equipped with live entertainment. And the dining area is ginormous too. As I looked around I could see mostly couples and families who seemed to celebrating special occasions. There was also a wedding reception going on outside.

This is a steakhouse and as such, you definitely need to bring your appetite. But, don’t completely skip the bread. Killer Creek offers a nice selection: sourdough, raisin and the cracker variety. I couldn’t resist 2 pieces of the sweet (but not too sweet) raisin bread.

Moving on to appetizers, I was dead set on steak for dinner so chose, seafood for appetizers: the Crab Cake and Ahi Tuna. The Crab Cake was full of lump crab meat and what I’d expect at a restaurant of this caliber. The Ahi Tuna was another good appetizer choice with the dark pink center in contrast to it’s pepper crust, making a pretty presentation as well as a tasty one. Both were $14 each.

We also opted to split a salad, choosing Rays Chop-Chop salad made with hearts of palm, eggs, olives and of chickpeas . I know that salads are very large so we split it. Our server was kind enough to accommodate our requests for different dressings on each half. Truth be told, I thought the salad was ok, but if I had to do it again, I’d forgo the salad to save more room for my steak.

In the past, my preferred cut of steak was always a filet. I found them to be tender, flavorful and just the right size (usually an 8 oz portion) for me. But over the last year or so, I’ve lost the taste of filets in favor of the more flavorful Ribeye. It is just too bad ribeyes tend to come in such large portions. For steaks, we chose the New York Strip and the Ribeye which was a special that evening. This was a 20 oz Ribeye served with a side for $40. Note that there is still a great selection of seafood offered including shrimp, scallops, salmon, and a couple other selections.

Our steaks were prepared medium, just as requested. Had I just tasted my New York Strip, I would have been quite pleased . But we just couldn’t help but share. And the ribeye far exceeds the strip when it comes to flavor. I think it’s my new cut of choice. And, hey, if two of you both like ribeyes but don’t have a big appetite, they are perfect for sharing.

We tried two of the desserts at Killer Creek as well: cheesecake and the peanut brittle-like shell with ice cream in the middle. The cheesecake was spot on – as good as any cheesecake I can remember having, but the peanut-brittle-ice-cream-thingy dessert was amazing. I really only expected to have a little taste of it as I was pretty stuffed, but we mopped that sucker up in a hurry.

1700 Mansell Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30009
770 649 0064

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