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RED Restaurant, Philips Arena Atlanta, GA

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This sexy steakhouse opened last month in Philips Arena downtown. The idea is that patrons can enjoy fine dining while watching their Atlanta team, or special event in Philips Arena. RED has tiered seating to ensure that all have a terrific view of the action going on below them. In order to enter RED, patrons must have a ticket for the game taking place that evening.

RED is open before, during and after games and shows at Philips Arena. Since I was attending the Hawks game that evening, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to visit RED. Arriving about an hour before start time, the restaurant was just starting to fill up. With the bar and kitchen in the center of the restaurant, the seating is all around these two focal points.

Besides pricey steaks, the menu features burgers, pizzas, and a mixture of starters and sides. I sampled one of the signature cocktails, however, I was a bigger fan of the beers and switched to that after my cocktail. We began our meal with a berry salad with balsamic dressing, crab cakes and the “Pow Pow” rock shrimp. All were good, but the shrimp was by far the best item we sampled all evening. It was crispy, flavorful and a large portion for sharing.

Staff was very quick to bring out our starters, but I believe they got pretty backed up when we ordered our steak (we shared as it was large and >$40). The manager came around to explain they were working out the kinks. By this time, the game was well underway. And, although we could have sat there with a terrific view, we chose to go to our suite to watch the game.

Overall, I think RED is a good concept. It is a pain in the ass to get to a restaurant and wolf down a meal then drive to Philips Arena for a game starting at 7:30, especially on a weekday. And, let’s face it, they do have upscale food kiosks at Philips Arena, but I don’t exactly enjoy getting my fancy Italian dish from Veni Vidi Vici and trying to enjoy it while cramped in my small seat eating it out of a paper container.

RED solves this by offering a nice environment to enjoy a fancy meal without the pressure of wondering if you make it to your destination on time. I just think they need a bit of time to work out issues with the kitchen and polish the staff a bit more. In the meantime, stick to beer and the starters and you’ll have a tasty and fun evening!

1 Phillips Dr
Atlanta, GA 30303

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