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Ribalta Restaurant: Pizza + Pasta in Midtown Atlanta


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Ribalta gets a menu revamp for their cozy, Midtown Atlanta spot.

With an original NYC location, Ribalta decided Atlanta would be the perfect location for their next spot. While pizza is the star of the show here, the smaller plates are not to be ignored either.


Rustic Decor in Ribalta Atlanta

While I’m sad that two dishes I loved – the Seafood Salad and Limoncello Wings are no longer on the menu, there was still plenty of tasty options. Octopus in a red sauce with olives and capers, which was not my favorite, though the octopus was prepared nicely (not at all rubbery or tough). Meatballs were a decent starter as well. Plus, they have signature cocktails you don’t want to miss, like the vodka and basil cocktail featured below.


Octopus, meatballs and salad starters at Ribalta

We tried two pasta dishes at Ribalta: one a clam spaghetti (pictured at the top of the page) and the other a ragu with artichokes and olives. Although I do love artichokes, the clam spaghetti was just a simply and lovely dish.

Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil Pizza

Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil Pizza

Yes, the star of the show is pizza and Ribalta does have several signature ones to choose from including the option to make your own pizza. There’s the Neapolitan which is a very thin crust and only bakes for 90 seconds. And since I didn’t see it, I’m assuming they did away with the Pala pizzas. Pala is a baking method in which the dough is baked twice, resulting in a crisp outside and doughy inside.


We’re told the flour is imported from Italy and yields a better dough (leaves you not feeling so completely stuffed) than what we normally get here in the US. Looking at the toppings of the Pala, I noticed they are also careful not to go too meat heavy (most are vegetables), which might result that lethargic feeling that results from too much carbs + meat.


Tiramisu is a must at Ribalta


Weekly Specials at Ribalta:
Sundays – 1/2 off bottles of wine
Wednesday – Ladies Day – bottomless wine and Prosecco

Note that Ribalta will validate parking for two hours in the parking deck adjacent to the restaurant. More than that and you are on your own.

Ribalta Atlanta
1080 Peachtree Street
Suite 9
Atlanta, GA 30308

Disclosure: Our meal at Ribalta was complimentary but the opinions expressed are my own.


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