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Road Trip: Hilton Head Dining

The best spots to dine when you visit Hilton Head

My girlfriends and I try to squeeze in a couple girls weekends each year. Last year, we had a blast during my bachelorette weekend in Savannah. This year, we thought we’d have our adult spring break in Hilton Head. While the Westin really disappointed us (it felt more like a Holiday Inn than what I’ve come to expect from Westin) at least there were highlights when we ate outside of the hotel.

Bling Bling Shrimp

Bling Bling Shrimp

I took my stepdaughter’s recommendation to go to Hudson’s Seafood on the Docks, as she’s pretty familiar with HH as she vacations there every summer. I was tempted by the barbecue oysters but my lady pals aren’t oyster eaters, however we all agreed the Bling Bling shrimp. The Sambol aioli had a light kick which was perfect. Entree portions were large and decent, but nothing quite memorable.

Skull Creek Boatyard
After a very disappointing breakfast buffet at the Hilton Head Westin, we once again dined outside our hotel for dinner, this time at Skull Creek Boathouse. This was absolutely the best experience of the weekend. If you are seafood lover of any kind (sushi, ceviche, crab, shrimp, fish, broiled, fried) than this is the place for you.

Appetizer Sampler at Skull Creek Boatyard

Appetizer Sampler at Skull Creek Boatyard

Quite hungry not having eaten since breakfast we overloaded on appetizers, ordering the Appetizer sampler with fried pickles, calamari, coconut shrimp and hush puppies + the Tuna 3 Ways app. The large, light on breading coconut shrimp were the best, especially with the house made pineapple dipping sauce.

Tuna 3 Ways

Tuna 3 Ways

Now, when I read the description of Tuna 3 Ways (Hawaiian Poki, Far East Carpaccio and Spicy Tartare) I figured for the price ($12) they must be rather small samplings. I was so wrong! The Hawaiian Poki, with a touch of soy and bits of Macadamia nuts on top was phenomenal.  I should have just chowed down on this for dinner since my girlfriends don’t eat raw tuna. It killed me that so much of that delicious dish went uneaten.

Since I’d had Mahi Mahi the night before, I resisted the temptation to get the Pecan Ginger crusted Mahi Mahi, though I’m sure it would have been better here. Instead I opted for the salt and vinegar potato crusted crab cake. And it didn’t disappoint.

"Salt & Vinegar" Crab Cake

“Salt & Vinegar” Crab Cake

After checking out of the hotel the next day, we headed to the Salty Dog Cafe to buy t-shirts at certain loved ones’ requests. Seriously, what is it about this place and their shirts? Anyway, since we were already there and starving we waited the 30 minutes for a table. I had very low expectations of food but my fish and chips were delicious. So they are qualified to do something else besides produce t-shirts! Go figure.

Fish 'n Chips at Salty Dog Cafe

Fish ‘n Chips at Salty Dog Cafe

Hilton Head may not be the hot spot it once was when I was a high schooler, but they do have some great dining options if you find yourself there.


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