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Rreal Tacos Brings Authentic Mexican Fare to Midtown


Looking for a Rreal cheap meal with quality food? Head to Rreal Tacos.

You may have experienced Adrian Villarreal’s cooking when he was over at TAP. But his new restaurant, Rreal Tacos combines his training in Le Cordon Bleu Paris with his Mexican heritage.

Rreal is located on 6th street between Peachtree and Juniper Streets at the bottom of a residential building. The Midtown restaurant is modern and industrial looking with concrete floors but also has bright colors to add a touch of warmth. They’ve even incorporated Talavera tiles, imported from Puebla, Mexico.


Fried Avocado at Rreal Tacos

You order at the counter and food is quickly brought to your table. At of the time of this post, Rreal Tacos did not have their liquor license. When they do, they’ll have options like margaritas, Palomas a “michelada” with beer, lime, Worcestershire sauce and salt and a “Cuba Libre. But until then you’re in luck for two reasons:
1.) It is BYOB. Feel free to bring your favorite craft beer or the fixings for margaritas or mojitos.
2.) Rreal’s house made drinks ($3) are outstanding! They have drinks like Tamarind and Horchata. I’ll take this over beer or wine any day. I tried the sweet Horchata which is made with rice and has a sweet cinnamon taste. My friend, from Mexico City, couldn’t resist the Tamarind drink and says it was like being home to have this at a restaurant in Atlanta. Tip: There is a CVS within walking distance if you gotta get your beer or wine fix.

But how was the food? If you like crunchy, order the Pork Trompo (Al Pastor) and Grilled Beef. The Pork Trompo is on display on a spinning skewer as you enter Rreal Tacos. The Beef Barbacoa and Pork Carnitas are shredded and another good choice. They are all tasty, just depends what you are in the mood for.

Standard tortillas are store bought corn but you can upgrade to flour, whole wheat or house made corn tortillas for twenty-five cents. It is a bit puzzling why Rreal didn’t just offer the 3 varieties for the additional twenty-five cents per tacos and do away with the store bought corn tortillas. Even though I’m not usually a fan, I tried the house made corn tortillas and I was glad I did. Rreal Taco’s are far superior to any other corn tortillas I’ve had in both taste and texture. These better-than-your-average tortillas don’t disintegrate under the weight of the taco fillings.


Beef / Pork Trompo Tacos and fried chickpeas at Rreal Tacos

Fish used in tacos (NOT Tilapia, thank goodness) is sustainable. The day we visited, the fish of the day was Redfish. While I thought is was good, it probably wasn’t the best choice in a taco. The other choices of beef, chicken or pork are better. I’m bummed that I didn’t try the special of beef tongue hash.

Tacos are priced at $2.99 and you can get a special of two tacos, a side and soda for $9.95. However, based on the house made juices being so delish, I’d recommend two tacos, a house made drink, and splitting the roasted sweet potatoes (my favorite side). Oh and their salsas are house made too. It is worth the fifty cents to get the tomatillo and avocado salsas.

We dined there early on a Saturday last month before heading out to a Hawks game. We were lucky to snag one of the VERY few parking spots in front of the restaurant. There’s street parking (metered) as well as parking in the building, but that is only good for one hour, after being validated by the restaurant. This is a terrific option for any of the nearby offices looking for a quick weekday lunch.

Rreal Tacos website
100 6th St Ne, Ste 110
Atlanta, GA
(404) 458-5887

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